How to Reactivate Windows 10 After a Major Hardware Change

The reader’s question: Hey, Wally, I recently had to fix my laptop that wouldn’t turn on. I was told the motherboard had been replaced. Anyway, since then the laptop is working normally again, but Windows 10 shows me this error and tells me to activate it. I didn’t reinstall Windows (although I was told it … Read more

How to Fix Taskbar Won’t Auto-Hide on Windows 10 and 7

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Fix Host Process For Windows Tasks Has Stopped Working

Have you seen the pop-up message that the hosting process of the Windows services no longer works? It is difficult to determine the ideal cause of such an error, because the pop-up window does not display any additional information about the error. Although there is no specific reason for this error, there are a number … Read more

Zerologon (CVE-2020-1472): Critical Active Directory Vulnerability

In August 2020, Microsoft released an update to fix a critical Windows Server vulnerability in Active Directory – CVE-2020-1472 (better known as Zerologon). This update was successfully installed on all domain controllers 4 months ago. However, not every Windows administrator knows that installing an update on a DC does not do everything. This article discusses … Read more

The system cannot move the file to a different disk

CCleaner is very easy to use, just download and install it on your device and let it do its job. In addition, CCleaner will be faster because it will delete various files that would otherwise slow down search results and take up a lot of memory, giving the user more space on his hard drive. … Read more

How to Fix 0x80070005 Error Code on Windows 10?

When choosing Windows update options, which is very important for any system, random errors that appear on the screen can be a serious mood creator. So follow this article to learn how to bypass (and fight) error 0070005. You may already be familiar with the error code 0070005, commonly known as ACCESS DENIED ERROR. It … Read more

Alldocube X Neo Review –

Nowadays, searching for a new tablet can be very annoying. Numerous sizes, prices, operating systems, etc. What are you looking for? If this is your average budget tablet that covers all your basic needs, then the Alldocube X Neo might be for you! The Aldocube X Neo was released in April 2020. This is the … Read more

PSWindowsUpdate: Managing Windows Updates from PowerShell

To manage Windows updates via the command line interface, it is very convenient to use the special PSWindowsUpdate module for PowerShell. PSWindowsUpdate is not integrated with Windows and is a third party module available in the Technet Script Gallery. PSWindowsUpdate allows administrators to remotely check, install, uninstall, and hide updates on Windows servers and workstations. … Read more

7 Best Benefits of Using a Smartwatch Regularly

Many people prefer a smart watch to an ordinary watch. But not everyone sees its usefulness, and many consider it a waste of money because they do not see any benefit. These devices are designed with special technological systems to provide the carriers with extra capacity. People choose to wear smart watches for different reasons, … Read more