How to Fix 0x80070005 Error Code on Windows 10?

When choosing Windows update options, which is very important for any system, random errors that appear on the screen can be a serious mood creator. So follow this article to learn how to bypass (and fight) error 0070005.

You may already be familiar with the error code 0070005, commonly known as ACCESS DENIED ERROR. It can also slow down your system, reboot it suddenly and, in the worst case, crash it, resulting in the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

What does ERROR 0070005 mean?

In a situation where the user or the system cannot retrieve the files and/or permissions needed to update the windows, error message 0070005 or ACCESS DENIED ERROR will be displayed. Unfortunately, this error can lead to considerable loss of data. This is usually due to missing permissions and files, but can also be due to hard drive problems, which often corrupt files are currently on the system, causing important files to be missing.

Problem solving methods 0070005 ERROR

Here are some very useful tips to easily fix the error and keep checking for system updates or upgrades, because ignoring them can slow down or even make applications on your system unavailable.

1) Backup of important and necessary files

Before attempting to correct the error and update your device/system, remember to back up all important files, since, as mentioned earlier, files can be lost.

2) Proceed to the administrator account.

When you switch from a normal user account to an administrator account, you can make changes to the system that are not possible from a user account. In addition, the changes you make affect all other users of the system.

Step one: To simply log in with the administrator account you can try rebooting the system.

Step two: If you do not want to restart the system, click Start and open the Control Panel.

Step three: Find and select the User account option where you will see all user account names. Click the Change Account Type button on the administrator account and enter the password if necessary.

Step four: Log in to Windows from time to time and you can make changes. You therefore have rights and all rights, so that you can now install updates on your system.

3) Virus and malware removal

The installation of antivirus software is indispensable nowadays. This may slow down the system a bit, but it will certainly prevent you from losing important data and accidentally making mistakes due to viruses. Software updates are also constantly needed, as new viruses are created and circulated every hour.

Step one: Do a little research into the right antivirus software and install it on your device. Make sure you save the hotkey on your desktop.
Step two: After installation, look for the Scan type option and click on the Scan total system option.
Step three: Wait until the scan is finished, because viruses and malware are detected and removed and the files are restored by the application.
Step four: Restart your system/device and try installing Windows updates now.

4) Memory control

Windows updates take up a lot of memory and often fail, causing updates to stop and error 0070005 to appear. Try copying data from user profile folders on your system to an external device or to folders in other locations.

5) Run WindowsUpdate Troubleshooting.

The Windows Diagnostic Wizard is one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot problems with updates.

Step one: Click on Control Panel
, step 2: Locate and press the System and Security button, then click Troubleshoot.

Step three: Select Fix Windows Update Problems and click Advanced. 0070005-Error-Code-on-Windows-10.png Step-4: Select Apply changes automatically and click Run as Administrator
Step 5: Wait until the aroma runs out and the job is done.

6) Correction of network failures

To resolve the error code 0070005 or the ACCESS REFUSED ERROR when sharing the network, you must change the permissions on the files and folders concerned.

Step one: Select the folder where the problem occurs and right-click to display its properties.
Step two: Under the Security tab you will find the Add and Advanced options.
Step three: Search now option, wait a moment and click on Everything to change the confidentiality of the file.
Step four: Select Good and Apply to save the changed settings.
The folder will then be accessible to all users using network sharing, and the error will be fixed. Windows is able to update these updates and apply them to your system.

7) Manual update of Windows

The Windows Defender application can be used to perform a malware scan before restarting the device. If the updates still cannot be applied, try installing them manually.

You can find updates or cumulative or critical versions of Windows in the archive, the Windows Update Catalogue. Install them and update the windows manually by following the steps below.

Step one: Click Settings, click Update and Security, and then click Windows Update.
Step two: After copying the code from the Windows Update version, go to the Windows Update directory.
Step three: Type the Windows Update version code in the search box and then click OK or Search. 0070005-Error-Code-on-Windows-10.png Step-4: Download, click on the Download Update link and then update your Windows system. 0070005-Error-Code-on-Windows-10.png Step-5: Restart your computer and you’re ready to go.


Whatever the problem, these steps will certainly get you out of the difficulties of updating Windows. Although this is obvious, updates are very important and mandatory for the health of your system, just like yoga.

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