Sega Ages Shinobi Review –

Sega offers another classic arcade game with Sega Ages Shinobi, now available on Nintendo Switch. This improved edition offers Ninja Slashing Adventures new game modes and features exclusive to the updated version. And now, thanks to the mobility of the Switch, you can play it whenever and wherever you want! Originally released in arcades in … Read more

Resource Monitoring Tool for Linux

BpyTOP is another tool of Linux for resource monitoring, among many other tools such as top, Htop, Bashtop, etc. Bashtop users can expect similar functionality from bpytop, as bpytop is ported from bashtop and written entirely in Python. Bpytop is available for various Linux and MacOS distributions. Characteristics BpyTOP Fast and responsive user interface. Keyboard … Read more

How to Prevent Pwned and Reused Passwords in Your Active Directory

Many companies are currently considering how to increase security within their organisations as the pandemic and telework situation develops towards the end of the year. While companies continue to implement security measures to protect critical business data, there is one area of critical security that is often overlooked: Passwords. Weak passwords have long been a … Read more

New Raspberry Pi 400 is a Tiny Computer Inside a Keyboard

Pi raspberry needs no introduction. What started as an energy-efficient computer for do-it-yourselfers can now be used as a fully functional office. With the release of Raspberry Pi 400, they make it easier to use on a home computer. The Pi 400 Raspberry is essentially a computer in the shape of a keyboard. If you … Read more

Inheritance in PHP – Linux Hint

The three main characteristics of object-oriented programming are encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. When programming, it may be necessary to re-use a particular piece of code several times, while the use of inheritance reduces the need to rewrite code manually by reusing it. Inheritance is a method of creating a new class by inheriting a base … Read more

New Kimsuky Module Makes North Korean Spyware More Powerful

A week after the US government released a consultation on a worldwide spy mission led by North Korean government shackers, new data emerged about the spying power of a threatening group. APT, called Kimsuky (also known as Black Banshee or Thallium) and active since 2012, is now associated with three undocumented malware programs, including an … Read more

Python Lambda – Linux Hint

Python is a universal and recently widely used programming language. However, Python offers many built-in functions for many specific tasks. However, we can create our own functions to fulfill a certain task. In Python, the keyword Lambda generates an anonymous function. The function without a name is called anonymous. Normally, under Python, a normal function … Read more