What are Cryptocurrency Tax Calculators and How to Use Them?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a guide stating that all crypto currencies should be treated as proprietary and not as currency.

Cryptographic currencies are now generally taxed in the same way as assets such as shares, bonds and real estate. All investors investing in crypto money are required to report capital gains resulting from the purchase and sale of crypto money.

If a cryptotrader suffers a capital loss, he can use the amount of this loss to offset his profit. The IRS 2019 manual contains a lot of additional information about the cryptographic procedure. The most important points are listed below.

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Crypto Currency Calculator

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The Tax Inspectorate has issued tax notifications consisting of letters 6173, 6174 and 6174-A. It was sent to more than 10,000 taxpayers in coded foreign currency transactions.

The IRS published 43 additional questions and answers on the first topic of the guide, which was published in 2014, as well as specific information on assortments and drippers.

The Internal Revenue Service has issued the form set out in Annex 1 until 2019. It starts with the question above: At any time in 2019, you have received, sold, exchanged or held a financial interest in a virtual currency.

How exactly do you declare taxes in the crypto money?

The process of accurately calculating and storing cryptographic costs can be tedious, especially if you have multiple cryptographic currencies spread across many cryptographic exchanges. To facilitate this process and reduce the risk of errors, you can use many online tax calculators in crypto money.

Once you have chosen the coded currency tax calculator that is right for you, you can fill in the 8949 form required by the tax office.

This form must include an itemised statement of all taxable cryptographic events relating to you to certify your profit or loss for the year.

Form 8949

This form should show all cryptographic user transactions and cryptographic revenues. Remember that for each cryptographic currency traded and/or sold, the original amount for which it was purchased (in US dollars) and the date of first purchase must be indicated, as this will clearly determine the fair market value and the basis of the value.

As soon as you receive them, you can use a tax calculator in cryptic currency to accurately calculate your gains or losses for each of your cryptic transactions.

Once you have completed this form, report the calculated amount of your capital gain or loss on the following form, which is called the 1040 Schedule. The IRS stated that both forms must be submitted and archived by all cryptography providers.

The use of an encrypted currency control computer is highly recommended as it can be extremely useful. It not only calculates your taxes in coded form, but also has many additional functions. Most useful is that it can track prices and historical data for each encrypted transaction.

Why can’t the Crypto-Exchange deliver correct documents when submitting Crypto-Taxes?

If you are a cryptography merchant, you should have noticed that the cryptography activities you have performed on various cryptography exchanges cannot provide you with accurate control information. This information is extremely important because it has to be filled in on form 8949.

The main problem is that the crypto-correction is transferred from one exchange to another. These two cryptographic fairs cannot record the original date and price (cost basis) at the time of purchase.

That is why many traders today use a tax calculator with a coded currency, as this can simplify the tax calculation process and greatly reduce the risk of errors.

What are the best tax calculators in crypto money?

Bear load

BearTax is an extremely simple, coded currency tax calculator to use. The platform is able to import all your cryptographic data and transaction history from over 25 major exchanges to calculate your capital gains. It may also provide the trader with the necessary documents to complete his cryptographic costs.


ZenLedger is a well-known crypto-money tax calculator with a simple and user-friendly interface. Zenledger is integrated with all major cryptographic exchange programs and also supports all major cryptographic and fiduciary currencies.

Zenledger has the ability to calculate your coded taxes and can also automatically fill out tax forms. It is also able to provide the user of the cryptographic system with an added value report, a donation and income report, as well as final reports.


TokenTax is another crypto tax calculator that other crypto traders offer as one of the easiest on the market. TokenTax supports all major cryptographic exchanges and is therefore well known.

In addition to the encoded currency tax calculation service, TokenTax has other tools that can help the user indicate the increase or loss of capital and income tax in encoded currency.

TokenTax can automatically import all of a trader’s cryptographic data. This is possible thanks to their direct connections to all cryptographic exchange platforms.

However, if you are a trader using a cryptographic platform that is not compatible with TokenTax, you can download a file containing all of your company’s cryptographic data directly into TokenTax.

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