How To Disable Discord’s New Reaction Feature

Like many things in life, changes to your favorite applications and services can be inevitable – and really painful, especially if they don’t match your personal preferences. Discord, one of the largest VOIP services in the world, has recently undergone major updates. Updates which, to be honest, have not all been received with general praise.

Discordes has a new response menu that, in addition to the messages in the chat window…. window. All messages.

Curiously, every time the mouse pointer hovers over a chat message, a new response function automatically appears. This has caused a lot of anger in the communities and the Discord forums – there are wires everywhere trying to figure out how to disable this feature.

Don’t worry, WePC is here to help you. We’ll tell you exactly how to disable this feature once and for all before crashing and deleting your Discordance account.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

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Correct/Cancel entry in the new response menu

You will be glad to know that removing the response menu is actually quite simple and only requires a few clicks.

# Step 1: Go to user settings

Navigate to the User Settings tab to the right of your user name and click.

#Step 2: Go to text and images

Search and select the Text and images tab.

#step 3: Disable Show emotion on messages

On the Emoji tab, locate the Show Emotions on Messages setting and uncheck.

If it is not selected, return to the main center. This should completely deactivate the new reaction function. What I mean is, you can’t leave any more answers on the posts. But at least it puts an end to the boredom on the menu, right?

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New User InterfaceInconsistencies

So it can be said that the recently released Discord update didn’t do much for the big fan base. There are literally hundreds of posts on the forums that show indignation about him! But what exactly has changed?

Let’s take a good look.

One of the biggest differences, as mentioned earlier, is the new reaction function that appears every time you float above a position. See below:

This is by far the most important reason for the recent increase. But we’ve already taken care of that. Let’s go to the next big update problem….

How the message you’re flying over now is getting darker. It’s awful. Again, a lot of people are not very happy about this.

The last problem people have with the upgrade (as far as I know) is the new unread message. Each time you receive a new message, a marker appears on the screen where you stopped after the previous session. The best way to show it is to show it to you. Well, here it is. Get ready.


So here is our complete overview of how we can remedy this new and unfortunate reaction. I hope your life is less painful!

Anyway, leave a comment below and let us know what you think of this article, or better yet, visit our Community Centre where you can discuss the new Discord interface in detail.

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