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Sega offers another classic arcade game with Sega Ages Shinobi, now available on Nintendo Switch. This improved edition offers Ninja Slashing Adventures new game modes and features exclusive to the updated version. And now, thanks to the mobility of the Switch, you can play it whenever and wherever you want!

Originally released in arcades in 1987, Shinobi has matured quite well, and thanks to the new version of Sega Ages, it is more accessible than ever to players like me who prefer a much easier challenge. Play as young ninja master Joe Musashi as he makes his way through waves of enemies armed with shuriken landscape. It is a one-man army determined to rescue its ninja students from the Zid organization.

I especially played the centennial version of Shinobi, which gave Joe a nice new look with white ninja dresses and more damage. In this form he can use a melee attack against opponents who collect more points. When Musashi causes damage, his white robes turn blood red and his damage is reduced.

The novelty of the Centurie version is the ability to rewind time. Press the button to return to the beginning of the current level. It’s certainly a practical function because it’s a fairly complex game that I wouldn’t have patience for otherwise. It’s nice to see that Sega not only releases a port, but also adds new features to make it relevant in today’s gaming world.

But that doesn’t mean Shinobi is easy now. Even if I could control the weather, I’m still dead in every boss fight. I still had to plan my attacks and react to the way my opponent would attack. Overall, I was able to play the game better because I was able to improve every small part of the scene where I was wrong. Still, I’ll probably never make it to bonus days.

Shinobi is not a very long game. It’s an old arcade title you could have played in about an hour if you knew what you were doing. As mentioned earlier, there is both an Ages version of the game and the original arcade version. If you’re a veteran of the latter, you know what to expect, but for newer players, I recommend that you first play the Ages version to prepare for the brutal difficulty that awaits you in the original.

There are many display settings, including a classic CRT filter that really brings back the nostalgia of classic arcade machines. Like all other Sega Ages releases, it offers a variety of contexts to choose from. There is even support for HD Rumble.

The stage music remains as infectious as ever, full of pulsating arcade rhythms with subtle accents of East Asian influences. It holds up pretty well so far, even though there are not many tracks in the game, the tracks that are available are fantastic.

Sega Ages Shinobi and the entire Sega Ages collection are excellent examples of how classic games should be worn on new systems and the amazing quality of these favourites when wearable. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console for old games that brings things that have been forgotten back to life.

The Sega Ages version of Shinobi is a great way to play a classic arcade game that is now more accessible than ever. With many new features for both beginners and advanced, this is a great tribute to a truly challenging shuriken adventure. Be sure to use a CRT filter and increase the volume for a better listening experience. It’s definitely worth the $7.99 if you’re a fan of old-school arcades.

Overview of the Shinobi Age

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late call – 7/10


Final thoughts: GRAND

Another fantasy game from the past was released for the Nintendo Switch with the release of Sega Ages Shinobi. Now you can experience the brutally difficult world of ninja master Joe Musashi everywhere. You can also relax and discover the less complicated version thanks to the rewind option. Prepare your quarter.

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