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Microsoft Surface Duo hopes to be something unique and different from all other gadgets. You can see it as a phone or a small tray, but both are bigger and smaller than these things. There’s nothing in Surface Duo that can’t be done on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, your smartphone certainly takes better pictures and there is not much space in the middle of the tablet. But the best thing about the surface duo is that the way we approach things is unique. The starting price for Microsoft Surface Duo is US$1,399. Well, because of its capabilities compared to other phones, it’s certainly not worth the price.

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Without a doubt, Microsoft Surface Duo is not the first smartphone with two screens, but it originated at a time when most companies were experimenting with designing phones in an uncontrolled way. For example, Samsung and Motorola sell mobile devices with screens in different shapes and sizes. But instead of following this recent and fragile glass bending technology, Microsoft promises a large two-screen approach, which it aims to be a performance solution. For 2021 they even plan a laptop with two Windows screens.

What makes Duo unusual is that it is the first success of Microsoft’s Android (and phone) since Nokia. The company’s Windows Phone mobile operating system could not do this because it did not allow the use of third party applications, and Microsoft is convinced that it will not make the same mistake again. The Google Play Store contains almost all necessary applications, including Microsoft applications. And, of course, you can install Microsoft applications on any Android phone, but making them work together is something special. Microsoft has two screens better than one.

Enclosed Surface Duo looks like a cute little notebook. In contrast to various modern techniques, it feels cool and attractive, as if by revelation it reveals the secrets of the universe. Besides, it seems easier than it looks. Thanks to this amazing refinement, it lies comfortably in your hand and is easy to carry (unlike some other dual-screen phones), even though it’s large, so it probably won’t fit in your pockets.

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The outside is wrapped in glass, only with the Microsoft logo. Most rotating or dual screen phones have a small or large external screen to check notifications, but Microsoft Surface Duo does not, and opening the Duo to repeatedly check the time can be a little stressful.

You can leave it open, but there is no permanent display, so you need to press the power button or use a fingerprint to wake up the screen. These two options are located on the right hand side with the volume knob. Moreover, the edges of the duo are very flat and thin, which seems sharp. It is preferable to use the supplied silicone pad, it is flexible and makes it possible to easily separate the two screens.

It’s also impressive to see that most phones with folding screens have a fragile start because of the vulnerability of their components; Surface Duo doesn’t feel fragile. That makes perfect sense. There are only two screens connected by a hinge. The hinge is the most important area for any long-term folding device, but when handling Duo screens, they must be carefully turned back and forth.

In addition, the 360-degree hinge design allows the phone to be placed in different directions. You can fold down one screen for single screen mode or flatten them like a book to use both screens. You can also use one screen to support the other screen while watching the video. Anyway, that’s what you want.

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The design of the Surface Duo is absolutely elegant. The two-screen device has an all-glass housing, although it does not support wireless charging.

Microsoft Surface Duo consists of two glass plates connected by a small and beautiful metal loop. Because the screens are separated from each other, the space between the screens does not allow access to the inside of the device, allowing a much thinner hinge than with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, the screens are also stricter because they are made of real glass and not ultra-thin soft glass like Samsung’s. The screens are also more rigid because they are made of real glass. And they work exactly with the $99.99 surface pen, while the Samsung device has no pen support.

Duo contains a self-adhesive rubber pad that is attached to the edges of the device for protection. It’s okay, but you definitely want to wear it. It not only dampens the duo drop by drop, but also ensures that the edges are firmly attached so that they do not slip when the duo is folded up like a tent.

The two 5.6-inch screens have a 5×4 format compared to the current phones. The duo measures 5.7 inches by 3.7 inches and comes in a folded form, but it’s fun to use when reading books or surfing the internet. Each 15.4 square inch screen is much larger than the Z Fold 2 screen.

Each screen has a size of 1800 x 1350 pixels, together they are 2700 x 1800.

You can split the two screens to enlarge the screen by 8.1 inches. But the distance between the screens makes the large window impossible because the device wants you to do two things on two screens.

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Surface Duo has an 11 megapixel blind camera, which is located on the front of the right screen. The camera has a dual function, i.e. it works as a stand-alone camera and also as a main camera when you switch to frame-by-frame mode.

It’s not exactly the right kind of camera for people who take lots of pictures all the time, but it’s easy to overlook if the camera body is what the phone is designed for.

Although the camera still has a reasonably good portrait mode and can even shoot 4K movies, it can be considered the camera’s weak point. But because of the symmetrical design of the phone, we don’t want the camera on the back of the phone, so we can live with that. You only need to know the underwater camera if you want to use the Surface Duo.

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The Surface Duo is equipped with a 3577 mAh battery capacity, and we certainly didn’t expect the innovative battery life of last year’s Qualcomm flagship, especially since it is powered by two monitors. But we were sedated.

Only on the first day we noticed that the battery was too worn out that the device was switched off before going to sleep, but this could easily be caused by the fact that the device was installed for the first time and was constantly touched and used.

As soon as the battery is fully discharged, the extra 18W charger charges the device very quickly. But it would be surprising if Microsoft deigned to support wireless charging with Surface Duo, given its all-glass casing.

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It works with last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and 6GB RAM, which is certainly not a high-level specification, especially for a device whose sole purpose is multitasking.

If you surf on social networks and via email, the details are more than enough, but if you immediately add more massive applications, things don’t work as well.

The device is not designed for the load, because the shorter aspect ratio of the two screens means that most game interfaces are not very scalable. Still, it is disappointing that this is such a challenge.

However, if the expected workload is what you have in mind, the proposed equipment should do the job. But don’t expect major creative loads on this device.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is not perfect. It has some good ideas, but implementation is uncomfortable in some places, and some people will not understand what Microsoft is trying to achieve. There are a number of issues that do not allow for a full recommendation. If it hadn’t cost so much, it might have been different. If you want to spend so much money on a desk phone, Note 20 Ultra will also meet all your needs.

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