How to Create WhatsApp Stickers Using iPhone or iPad?

WhatsApp is a premium application when it comes to communicating with friends and family. Thanks to this application, there doesn’t seem to be much distance between you and your loved ones. WhatsApp seized the social media network and went back to the invention. From phone calls to video calls, from built-in stickers to custom WhatsApp stickers on iOS or Android, it’s all possible.

WhatsApp has also introduced the option of custom stickers, which are available for Android and iOS platforms. WhatsApp’s gallery of house labels is now somewhat limited, but it encourages new independent developers to contribute to the collection.

In this article, you’ll learn how to customise and personalise your own WhatsApp stickers with your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Select images to create WhatsApp stickers

Before we can create our own WhatsApp stickers, we must first select the images. WhatsApp has its own requirements that users must meet in order to create their own stickers. The created sticker is mainly an image with a transparent background. The stickers must have an exact size of 512×512 pixels. And finally, each sticker must weigh 100 kilos.

Once you know the basic requirements, you need to know the workflow. First select the images to which you want to apply the sticker. Select at least 3 images for best performance. You can now use the built-in Sticker Maker application to remove the background, or you can use an online tool called .bg removal to remove the background from selected images.

Step 2: Delete background image

Open the tool and select View. Then select the images you want to remove from the background. Select one image at a time and thanks to AI technology, the background of the downloaded image is removed automatically and free of charge. After you remove the background, save the image on your phone.

Step 3: Download ApplicationSticker manufacturer

Once the uploaded images are placed on your phone, go to the App Store and find the Sticker Maker for WhatsApp. You can see the smileyface icon that says Sticker Maker for WhatsApp. Download the application.

Step 4: Making stickers

When you download the thumbnail application to the Appstore, open it and click to launch it. Once it’s open, you have three options: Explore, create and configure.

You can use the existing stickers, which can be found on the Inquiry tab. To create a new sticker, click on the Create option and click on the + symbol at the top. Now enter the name of the sticker package and the name of the publisher. Type what you want in these fields.

After going through the steps above, you will see a new page with empty frames. Click on the first location and select that there is no background image to create a sticker. Once you have seen the image in the workspace, you can add a frame or effects to your image.

At this point you can also resize your image, rotate it, crop it and add a smiling face or text. Then click on the symbol √ (confirm) and save your image. Do the same with other images.

Step 5: Download to WhatsApp

When all this is done, select Add to WhatsApp and save. Then open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone or iPad and select the contact you want to share WhatsApp stickers with. As soon as the chat window opens, click on the sticker options and you will see all the stickers you have created. Choose the sticker you want to share and voilà! Your personal sticker will be given to your contact person. You can also share the whole thing. Just install the sticker application and click on Share Package. Then select WhatsApp as the service you want to share your stickers with and you’re ready to go.

All this is done to create and distribute your own custom WhatsApp stickers with your iPhone or iPad.

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