Install LineageOS 17.1 ROM on UMIDIGI A7 Pro [Android 10 GSI]

For those who want to flash their UMIDIGI A7 Pro device with a custom Android 10 GSI ROM, here’s the good news.  XDA member Andy Yang has released an unofficial LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (WiFi/LTE). Those who wanted more customization options than the original ROM firmware on their device can now look forward to dumping the latest version of Android 10 GSI via the LineageOS 17.1 custom ROM software on their device.

Using the GSI (Generic System Image) it is possible for developers or various OEMs to download a generic AOSP system image without changing the startup image or the factory image. According to Google’s certification guidelines, OEMs must test the compliance of their devices with the Treble project by successfully downloading the generic system or GSI image and ensuring that the hardware’s essential features and capabilities are working properly. So, if you have a UMIDIGI A7 Pro, you can install the latest update for your device, which comes with LineageOS 17.1, which is based on Android 10 GSI.

Updates are often aimed at improving the stability of the system and the performance of the device and enabling new functions. Before flashing the user ROM on your device, make sure that the startup charger on your device is unlocked and that you have made TWRP Recovery on the UMIDIGI A7 Pro flash. If you have not already done so, you can follow our TWRP recovery guide for the UMIDIGI A7 Pro.

Brief introduction to LineageOSCustom ROM

LineageOS is the successor to the customer-specific ROM firmware CyanogenMod. It is officially available for nearly 200 devices, while informal meetings are held for a huge list of devices. LineageOS is based on the AOSP source code, similar to Remix Resurrection, SlimROM, Omni, AOKP, Paranoid and others. Although LineageOS is equipped with all the features of Stock Android, it also offers a huge list of configuration features. It comes with several pre-installed applications, including AudioFx, FlipFlap and Trebuchet.

Linear OS 17.1 Properties

  • Button adjustment
  • Quick installation of custom tiles
  • Extended Bureau
  • Watch live
  • Screen lock
  • System styles and profiles


  • Non-standard template sizes
  • PIN code encryption
  • the protection of privacy
  • Protected applications
  • Trust – helps secure your device and protect your privacy.

Known problems/ does not work

  • Since this is a GSI-ROM, there are usually errors on your device, so you should be aware that things may not work properly.

In the manual below, the step-by-step procedure for flashing/installing the latest version of LineageOS 17.1 Android 10 GSI on the UMIDIGI A7 Pro has been added to the Requirements section. You can easily manually clear the custom firmware from the .zip ROM or .img file using the manual below.

ALWAYS read the root of Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G (Picasso) and set the TWRP restoration 3.4.1.

Detailed firmware information:

Android version : Android 10 GSI (Q)

Version of the user interface : Individual user interface

Firmware Versions : Linear OS 17.1

A model: UMIDIGI A7 Pro

Exclusion of liability : covers everything, albeit in a very neat way, so that our readers get exactly what they want, but there is still a modest chance that the most important questions that may arise here will be answered. It is therefore in the user’s interest to follow the steps very carefully in order to avoid accidents with your device.

Updating or flashing the standard ROM firmware or custom ROM firmware updates is certainly risky for brick-like devices. If you cheat during a firmware update of your phone, please contact your nearest official Motorola service centre. is in no way responsible for the expiration of the warranty or the design of your brick and mortar device.


Check the model number of the model you want to use:

You must ensure that you have read the disclaimer carefully before using the phone regularly and that you agree to continue to take risks.

The phone must be 70% charged, otherwise complications may occur during the tests. Why take the risk? Try charging it.

If you use a basic phone or if you want to install a custom ROM, it’s a good idea to back up your phone. Back up all your media – photos, videos and more – to your PC and contacts in the cloud.

You need to enable the USB debugging option by going to Settings, Applications and Developers.

A WHITE EXPAND with the installation of a pixel ROM on a Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505 [Android 10 Q].

Downloads for UMIDIGI A7 ProUpgrade

Download the Platform Tools / SDK Tools package from the Android SDK to your PC. (Android Command Line Tools > SDK Toolkit)

Download here the latest version of the Android 10 GSI LineageOS 17.1 Custom ROM for UMIDIGI A7 Pro:

Download the GApps here.

Manual flashing of the UMIDIGI A7 Pro with Android 10 GSI based LineageOS 17.1 CustomROM

Pay attention: Your device must already be marked and secured with the TWRP before you proceed as described below.

Step one: Transfer the downloaded file to the internal memory / SD card of your UMIDIGI A7 Pro smartphone.

Step two: All you have to do now is charge for the repair. An additional backup of the ROMs can be made via the TWRP interface. Nevertheless, I advise you to support the ROM. Because if the process fails, you can make the ROM blink.

Step three: Click Install, then go to the file and rotate your finger over the file to confirm the firmware (at the bottom of the screen). The blinking process of the user’s LineageOS ROM has started and will take a few seconds.

Congratulations, you have successfully flashed the LineageOS 17.1 Android 10 GSI-based custom ROM on your UMIDIGI A7 Pro device. If you have a problem with blinking, feel free to report it in the Comments section below.

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