You probably know all about Tata Consultancy Services, one of India’s largest software companies. Fakir Chand Kohli was the founder and first CEO of TCS. Fakir Chand Kohli was a remarkable businessman and entrepreneur. He has been involved in many major companies in India, including Tata Group companies, including Tata Power Company and Tata Elxsi, and on boards such as NASSCOM. Kohli is known as the father of the Indian IT industry because of his outstanding contributions to the creation and development of the IT sector in India.

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Kohli was born on the 19th. March 1924, born in Peshawar (present-day Pakistan). He attended Khalsa High School and National High School in his hometown. For further higher education he visited Gov’t College for Men, Lahore, and the University of Punjab, Lahore, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree (with distinction). Kohli was also selected for the Indian Navy, but he objected and enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1950, where he obtained a master’s degree in electrical engineering. During his studies at MIT, Kohli worked for the General Electric Company of Canada. Kohli was also trained in the operation of electrical systems at Ebasco International Corporation, New York.


During his studies, Kohli worked for the General Electric Company of Canada. After graduating from MIT, Kohli returned to India in 1951 and joined the Tata Electric Company. At Tata Electric, Kohli assisted in the implementation of a load-balancing system to monitor the operation of the installation. He was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 1963, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in 1967, and eventually Director of the company. When Kohli at Tata Electric Company was the first to use a computer system to control the power lines between Mumbai and Pune, he became the third company in the world to install such a system.

Fakir Chand Kohli founded Tata Consultancy Services together with J.R.D. Tata in 1969. He was appointed as the first CEO and vice-chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. For almost three decades (until 1996), Kohli held a leading position within TCS and became the largest software and IT services company in India.

In addition to TCS, Kohi has held key positions at various Tata Group companies, including Tata Sons, Tata Industries, Tata Unisys, Tata Electric Company, Tata Honeywell, Tata Technologies Singapore, Tata Elxsi India and WTI Advanced Technologies.

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Faqir hand Kohli has a brilliant career behind him thanks to his excellent leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Kohli has been a board member of Airline Software Development Consultancy India, Airline Financial Support Services India, Abacus Distribution Systems and Triveni Engineering Works. In 1995 and 1996, he was appointed President and Chairman of NASSCOM, the Indian Association of Computer Services Interests.

Kohli has also played an important role in the development of technical education in India. He was attached to the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, where he played an important role in the recruitment and hiring of professors. He was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Pune School of Engineering.

Kohli has worked with various professional organizations throughout the country. He has worked with the Computer Society of India, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of New York, the Institute of Electrical Engineers, the Indian National Engineering Academy and the Institute of Management Consultants of India. Kohli was appointed chairman of the Southeast Asian Regional Computer Conference in Singapore in 1976. He was president of the Computer Society of India.

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Kohli was named the Father of the Indian computer industry for his contribution to the Indian computer industry and the Indian Government awarded him the third highest civilian prize in India, the Padma Bhushan, for his efforts.

He has received honorary doctorates from various national and international institutions, including Shiv Nadar University, the University of Waterloo, Robert Gordon University in Scotland, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, Jadavpur University, Queen’s University and Roorkee University.

In 2000 Kohli received the Dadabhai Naoroji Memorial Award. In 2002 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Economic Times. The All India Management Association (VAIMA) awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017.

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