Best race and class combinations in Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

The character creation process in Dungeons & Dragons is fully customizable to the way you want each character. Although it doesn’t make much sense, you’re completely free to make a barbarian gnome to lead your team into battle. Whatever you have in mind, you can do it by combining competitions and classes. Here are some of the best combos we’ve seen in Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition).

Pay attention: Although these are excellent combinations, this subject is completely subjective. You have to make the breed and character class that you prefer to play.

Paladin Dragon

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Paladins need as much power and charisma as possible to defeat their enemies and defend justice. Dragonborns get a bonus in both cases, and their alignment to stick to an extremely good or bad image is ideal for a paladin background. If you take revenge with the elements of your draconian lineage, you get an extra layer of protection.

Elf monk

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Monks rely on agility for their attacks, which makes the two-point bonus of the elf race very beneficial. If you choose a subras, you can select the other bonuses according to these options, because they do not significantly affect the status of your monk. As your monk grows, you will be able to use more movements and possibilities by channeling the ki and getting unlimited movement.

Dwarf wizard

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Wizards rely on their intelligence to prepare more spells, as well as their ability to cast them. That’s why the two extra intelligence points that Dwarves offer make them a good choice for creating spelling centers. We also recommend to go to the secondary race with the forest dwarves to get the little Cantrip illusion and if necessary to communicate with the little creatures. The agility bonus is not bad either.

Semi-authorization bard

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Bards rely on charisma to make their songs and spells effective. With this in mind, consider using a grope race to earn two bonus Charisma points, plus two extra points you can choose to upgrade. The versatility of the skills also allows your Bard to take on the challenge of all occupations and excel in testing skills by giving you two additional skills.

Semi-Autonomous Wizard

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Like the bards, witch stories rely on Charisma to be useful, so half of them are also particularly useful in these currents. With half a Charisma in combination with Eldritch Blast (and the accompanying Agonizing Blast) you can do a lot of damage to your opponents at any time with a cantrip. Once you have reached the higher level, you will feel even better.

Semi-blooded barbarians

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Barbarians need as much strength and constitution as possible to do what they are good at. Luckily, half-pigs give a two-point bonus to the Force and an extra point to the Constitution, so your big boy can get mad at the contents of his heart. Add the traits of Threatening, Savage and Ruthless and your barbarian is as terrifying as he is hard to beat.

Half thief

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Half-soldiers and thieves are made for heaven. Half-creatures are little creatures that have a bonus of two mobility points and a lucky charm that allows you to roll every d20 that ends in one. With the manoeuvrability of a half, you can even move in places occupied by others. What is the value of a villain if he cannot move freely?

Human Bard

Bards literally have a skill called Jack of All Trades to ensure that all their skill checks have a better chance of success. If you have one person, all capacity scores increase by one unit. A perfect match, huh? People are decent enough in any class, but spells and bard songs are made to be used.

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