How to use the Duty Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV

The task wheel in Final Fantasy XIV ensures that much of the content remains relevant for years to come. On the Duty Finder homepage, the various dungeons, challenges, raids and PvP encounters in the game are divided into their categories. You can then queue up for a particular category or play roulette by registering for one of the available services. In each roulette wheel, the specific debt you incur is arbitrary. For each roulette wheel you will receive additional rewards per day, such as roasts, Allafghan tombstones and brand seals.

Duty free roller categories

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Expert: Dungeons for high-level stories. This roulette wheel offers the biggest bonus of Allagan’s weekly tombstones. There aren’t many dungeons, which makes things a bit repetitive after a while.

Level Dungeons [XX] : Currently at level 80 in Shadowbringers, this is traditionally the place where dungeons with more levels of history are located. All dungeons that have a lower level of detail than the expert group can be found here.

Level [50/60/70] Dungeons : They contain all the dungeons for the lower floors. At the time of the rebirth of the kingdom these level 50 dungeons were experts, at the time of the heavenly resurrection these level 60 dungeons were experts, and so on.

Alignment : All upgrade dungeons are available at your current level. It’s a real dice roll, as if you can finish at level 79 in Sastash, a level 15 dungeon. But the roulette wheel offers you extra rewards if you deviate from the level.

Review : All non-extreme challenges are of difficulty level 8, starting from level 50.

Main scenario: This roulette wheel contains only two level 50 dungeons, Castrum Meridianum and Pretorium, which are the last major vignettes in the story of the Reborn Kingdom. To make life easier for new players, the battle scenes in these dungeons are indomitable. Veterans can get into the clutches of the bosses, but they’ll have to go through all the battle scenes with the rest of us. However, there is a big bonus for your patience at the end in the form of experience points.

Gildin: It contains rare guild content for newcomers. Guilds teach players the most fundamental aspects of combat. The rewards of this roulette wheel are unfortunately not very impressive.

Raiding the Alliance: Here you will find all the raids of the 24-man alliances, except when a new alliance appears for the first time. Although we’re ready for anything, it’s frustrating to be repeatedly in a level-50 alliance raid. Reaching a certain raid level 70 is a choice between a good clean run or a painful erasure. But the nice bonus reward of the weekly Allaghan Tombstones makes it worth the risk.

Normal raids: This roulette wheel has all non-medical 8-seater raids, with the exception of the 50 roll series of the Bahamas of the Rising Kingdom. When a new raid level is launched, you will find these battles there shortly after you have cleared them.

Mentor: There’s also mentor roulette. Players given mentor status have the opportunity to join the roulette queue to help others. It contains all the battles in the game, including the extreme bonuses of previous expansions and exclusive wild or ultimate raids. You can get absolutely anything, from a low-threshold random guild to one of the most punishing Extreme Primals. The Allaghan Tombstone awards are pretty sad compared to the other wheels, but they count as performance rewards for the mentors’ exclusive titles and mounts.

In the front line: Finally, the Frontline PvP measuring tape. This cycle is repeated with the first available matches listed in the Job description section. Whoever’s on the list, you get whoever you get. It changes every day. A good way to get extra wolf chips every day.

Adventurer in distress

In addition to extra rewards in the form of tombstones, gills and Allaghan’s company seals, there is also a bonus for adventurers. This bonus rewards players queuing for a must-have Duty Roulette role, or any other role that is missing from the queue. You’ll get an extra piece of roast for that. In contrast to the daily rewards, as an adventurer you can run the service wheel as often as you like.

Next to each task in roulette, you’ll see blue, green or red icons indicating which adventurer you need to play the role of tank, healer or DPS. Alliance raids often need DPS because they always need 15, but in comparison they only need three tanks and six healers. The other rollers bounce back and forth between the wagon and the healer if necessary. But sometimes you see a tank or healer for alliance raids, or a DPS for other raids.

A daily service wheel is a great way to passively gain heat, especially when the adventurer needs it. It is consistent, reliable and worthwhile. Of course, you will need to repair your equipment from time to time, but this applies to all combat content in the game. If you don’t like having to deal with a marketing board for your heating, this is a good alternative.

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