Barracuda Acquires Zero Trust Solution Provider Fyde

On Thursday, Barracuda Networks, a security company, announced the acquisition of Fyde, a provider of ZTNA (Zero Trusted Network Access) solutions.

According to Barracuda, the Fyde technology will strengthen CloudGen’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform with zero percent confidence.

As Barracuda explains, the Fyde Zero Trust solution provides secure, reliable and fast access to local or cloud-based applications and workloads from any device, anywhere.

Teleworking will stay here, migration to the clouds will accelerate and traditional business boundaries will disappear, said BJ Jenkins, president and CEO of Barracuda. With this acquisition, Barracuda offers distributed businesses a new way to improve remote access, enforce comprehensive security and access policies, and achieve seamless connectivity without sacrificing performance, he added.

The concept of zero trust began in 2004, when the Jericho Forum was established to address the problem of waste. John Kinderwag (currently CTO of Palo Alto Networks) paid tribute in 2010 by describing a safety model that does not assume that internal traffic is more credible than traffic coming from outside the perimeter. Google has brought this concept to the attention of the public through BeyondCorp, a massive solution to the same problem that everyone is facing: a globally dispersed workforce with many servers in different countries.

The principle is conceptually simple: Protect everything and verify everyone before granting access with zero implicit trust. The use of Zero Trust requires that each user be explicitly authenticated, that each device be designated as trustworthy, and that only authorized resources be accessed.

Zero credibility has been a hot topic in the field of information security, with several large security companies making acquisitions to add this category to their offerings. Notable market purchases include Symantec Luminate Security, Proofpoint for meta networks, Okta for ScaleFT and CrowdStrike for Preempt Security. The largest transaction in the industry was Cisco’s major acquisition of Duo Security in 2018 for $2.35 billion, with the goal of offering Duo products without any credibility in the authentication and access sector.

Previously, the public company Barracuda’s had been taken over by Tom Bravo’s private investment firm, which bought it for $1.6 billion in early 2018.

In this podcast Sinan Ehren, founder and CEO of Fyde, speaks with Ryan Narayne, host of Security Talk :

* Supplementary report by Kevin Townsend

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