What does a Blue Dot mean on Facebook Stories and Messenger?

If you use an iPhone or Android phone, you probably noticed the blue dots. These little blue dots often appear in system applications and user-installed applications. If you’re new to one of these mobile operating systems and you’re wondering why there’s a blue dot on your phone, don’t worry.

Why do applications have a blue dot?

The blue dot is actually a user interface feature added by developers to attract the user’s attention. It informs users of a new update, a new notification, an unread message or e-mail, or a pending request. Don’t confuse it with the green dot indicating the active status of a friend in the chat application.

However, the blue dot is not limited to some services or applications that have recently been updated. Smartphone users are likely to find the blue dot in Facebook Stories, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Samsung Contacts and Android Messages. You can also see it next to your contacts, emails and new stickers or smileys.

In this article you will learn what the blue dot means on different social media services and applications.

The blue dot in the Facebook story

If you look at the list of viewers of your stories on Facebook, you must have noticed the blue dot next to their names.

blue dot next to the viewers of the Facebook article

The blue dot next to the Facebook history indicator represents new views that have occurred since the last time you checked the views for that specific story. This is an interesting way to inform users who have seen their story recently.

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For requests to send messages and notifications

A blue dot in Messenger means you have an unread chat message from a friend or contact. The message appears when you open the call and view the message.

What the blue dot on the mail means.

You will also see a blue dot next to the message requests in Messenger that you have not yet opened.

For messages from iPhone

A blue dot in the Messages app on your iPhone means you have unread text messages. The dot appears next to the messages you haven’t read yet and disappears after you’ve seen them.

blue dot in iPhone messages

More emails on iPhone

It is rather strange to see blue dots next to some of the emails sent in the Mail application on the iPhone. Well, they don’t seem easy.

While the blue dot in the inbox indicates all unread emails. On the other hand, iOS displays all sent or forwarded messages that you mark as unread with a blue dot. The dot disappears automatically as soon as you read the sent message.

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Nearby applications on iPhone and Android

A blue dot appears next to the application icons on the home screen for applications that have recently been updated but have not yet been opened. As soon as you open the updated application, the blue dot will not appear again until the next update. In addition, a blue dot may appear next to newly installed applications on Android.

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On the instagram

blue dot on Instagram direct messages

Just like on Facebook Messenger, the blue dot on Instagram means you have unread DMs in instant messages. The blue dot disappears when you open and read the corresponding DM.

Filter with mounting

blue dot on the Snapchat filter

You have probably seen the blue dot next to the different filters in Snapchat several times. A dot indicates that Snapchat has updated or added new filters for you to try. Once you try a new filter, the little blue dot will explode by itself. In addition, if there is an unread message in the chat, a blue dot will appear above the chat icon.

On WhatsApp for iPhone

The blue dot above the Status tab in WhatsApp means that you have not yet seen a status update. Note that WhatsApp does not display a blue dot for disabled status updates.

NOTE: I can’t turn off or remove the blue dots on iOS or Android.

We hope you found this article useful.

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