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After careful installation of all RGB lighting components in the system, you start Asus Aura Sync, but to your dissatisfaction the system does not turn on. Well, the problem may be that Asus’ aura isn’t working properly.

We have read several complaints about the failure of the Asus Aura software. A user creates a report:

The Asus motherboard lighting is not synchronized with the RAM lighting.

There are several ways to solve these software-related problems. Each of them is mentioned in this article. We will advise you on each of the solutions we propose so that you do not encounter any difficulties.

Asus aura synchronization error: Save them on

The Asus Aura Sync application is known for its bugs, and if you have problems using it, don’t be surprised.

Will synchronize people not working Corrected error

A common problem causing this problem may be a faulty RGB/ARGB header connecting the lighting device to the motherboard, or a damaged driver or an older version of the Aura Sync application.

To repair a faulty Asus Aura, you must now check whether or not your lighting components are compatible with the Asus Aura software. You should also check the compatibility of your motherboard with the Asus Aura software.

If you have a compatibility problem, it makes these solutions useless. Make sure you do this in advance to avoid disappointment in the future. You can also check the compatibility of your components on the Asus Aura website.

Read more about how to fix a malfunction in the aura synchronization:

1. RGBHeader Reconnection

The correct and accurate installation of RGB/ARGB headers is of utmost importance.

If you connect the header in the wrong place on your motherboard or if you confuse it with other backlight components, the software will not detect peripheral devices no matter how hard you try.

RGB header on motherboard

So make sure in advance that the connectors, two of which are normally located directly on the edge of the motherboard, so that it can be a bit difficult to press your hand in the right place. Just be more careful.

2. Removal of all other RGB software

You will experience some problems when using third-party RGB lighting software with Asus Aura Sync at the same time.

To fix this, simply remove all other RGB lighting programs running on your system.

To uninstall the software completely, go to the Programs and Features Control Panel:

Press the Windows + R logo button. You will be prompted to start the program, type appwiz.cpl in the dialog box and you will be taken directly to the programs and functions of the control panel.

Then find the RGB software for lighting (except Asus Aura) in the list of programs and functions and click Remove.

This guarantees the complete removal of the software.

If Asu’s aura still doesn’t work, try the following solution.

3. Turns off the Quick Launch function in Windows

This quick start feature in Windows helps you get started quickly by restoring previous configurations.

This allows users to restart the system quickly after rebooting.

The quick start function in Windows does not affect the Asus Aura installation procedure. However, this can cause problems after the application has been installed.

Sometimes the Asus Aura application doesn’t start at system startup, which means that you don’t get RGB light effects at startup and you have to start the application manually from within the Windows application.

Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  1. Press the button with the Windows + R logo, you will be prompted to start the program.
  2. Enter the control panel in the dialog box.
  3. Search and then click on the performance settings.
  4. When you get there, click the Select button, that’s what the power buttons do.
  5. Here is an option to change settings that are currently unavailable. Click on it. Note, however, that this option is only available if you are an administrator.
  6. Now go to the bottom of the opened window and uncheck the Enable Quick Launch checkbox.
  7. Then make the changes and exit the control panel.
  8. Finally, you can just restart your computer to see if the RGB lighting is working.

If the problem is not solved, proceed to the next solution.

4. New installation of Asus Aura Sync software

Correctly installing software that is already full of errors can be a tedious task.

We have detailed instructions for downloading and installing the Asus Aura Sync software.

There are several ways to correctly reinstall the Asus Aura Sync software, but we have selected the best one for you.

The appearance of Asus no longer works: Fixed

Bummer Asus Aura has ceased its activities.

If you stop at this point when you run Asus Aura, the problem may be that the software has synchronization problems with other components.

Asus Aurora Sync sometimes does not work if your processor is overloaded by msmpeng.exe.

msmpeng.exe is a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows Defender. Turn off the Windows Defender application so that it does not work anymore.

Also try to temporarily disable the antivirus operations, now run the Asus Aura application that should solve the problem The Aura service is currently unavailable.

Aura synchronization does not detect a motherboard: Fixed

Another annoying problem for users is that the motherboard is not recognized by the Asus Aura service.

To solve this problem, first check if your motherboard and other RGB components are compatible with Aura Sync technology.

This is the most important condition for any Asus Aurora fixation.

To check the compatibility of your components, please visit the Asus website.

You have grouped the different components available or your simplicity.

Step 1 :

If you now find that your motherboard is really compatible with Aura Sync, please enable the RGB backlighting in your motherboard’s BIOS menu.

To do this, restart your computer and quickly press the F2 key to open the BIOS menu. For some manufacturers this may vary.

Click the Advanced Mode(F7)> Advanced> Built-in Device Configuration> go to RGB backlight and enable both options> Save and exit the BIOS.

Step two:

Download the Aura Service Sync work application and follow the installation instructions here.

If you follow the instructions correctly, the mainboard detection problem is solved.

Asus Aura Sync software does not start: Fixed

If you encounter a problem when the Asus Aura Sync software does not start or does not open when you click on the application icon, the only problem may be the installation.

First delete Asus Aurora and delete all files.

Then reinstall the files and download them from here. And follow the installation instructions, this should solve your problem.

Aura Synchronization: Application buttons do not work: Fixed

In the user interface you will see some buttons or icons that do not respond, these buttons are not visible when you point with the cursor, but you can see that they work on another user’s software.

The reason for this is that Asus Aurora does not detect the lighting components, which indicates that the components are not mounted correctly on the motherboard.

So make sure they’re in the right order.

What is the Asus Aura Sync software?

We have covered this topic in detail and you will get to know the latest history of the RGB lighting concept in computers and the latest functions of RGB lighting.

Click here.

Why doesn’t the Asus Aura Sync software work?

We have encountered many problems with Asus Aurora while using it.

After reviewing what other users had reported, we also decided to complain about any major issues that all users had in common.

So let’s go through them one by one:

Why the aura of Asus does not open:

Aura service flashes with other RGB software Lighting:

Aura Sync will not work as expected if other RGB management software is installed and running on your system at the same time.

Sometimes free antivirus programs such as Avast cause problems and limit the proper functioning of Aura Sync applications.

Wrong installation file path:

It turns out that Aura Sync does not work properly when installed on a custom path.

It is recommended to install the installation file in the default folder.

Previous versions of Asus Aura Sync:

When you see how bad the latest versions of the software are, you can imagine how difficult it would be to use earlier versions of the software.

Having said that, we recommend upgrading to the latest version and removing all data, files and folders from previous versions (they tend to cause unexplained problems).

You can download the latest version of Asus Aura Sync here.

Why Asus Aura does not recognize the motherboard:

1. Incorrect connection of RGB/ARGB headers:

Usually you will find the light problem just a faulty connection.

Usually, users who want to lighten up their playing facilities have already integrated the motherboard into the system.

So getting to the exact location of the lighting heads is difficult, and connecting all components in the right order is a bit difficult, and that’s where we see most human errors.

We recommend using a flashlight to see where the connection is going. Also make sure that the parts are securely fastened and do not exert or release too much force.

Be careful not to damage the sensitive RGB pin connectors, because if you do, you will have to re-solder your motherboard.

And imagine how hard it would be to get the motherboard out of the system.

2. Quick start:

Windows has this built-in feature that allows you to start the system as soon as possible after a user has turned it on or restarted it.

Aura Sync does not start properly with this function, sometimes you do not get synchronized backlighting of the whole system.

What happens is that Windows tries to disable as many services as possible at startup. Therefore, the Aura service is currently not available when the system is activated.

One part can display one color while the other is still off.

We recommend that you disable this function.

3. Installation file damaged:

Therefore, the installation file may be damaged if the user encounters a problem of disconnection from the Internet connection during the download, either due to a power failure or due to a router disconnected from the network.

All you have to do is reinstall the file with the new download.

Miscellaneous functions of the Asus Aura software

In one of our other articles on this subject we offer a comprehensive guide to the many possibilities of the Asus Aura software.

We will also take a detailed look at each of the many lighting options for your computer.

Frequently asked questions

We made a list of the most frequently asked questions and we tried to answer them, so let’s take a look:

Question 1:

Which RGB fans are compatible with Asus Aura?

Answer me this:

The best Aura-Sync fans are

  • CF 120 frozen.
  • Heat absorption Riing h14 RGB.
  • Puma Vortex RGB HPB 120.
  • Bitfenix Spectrum Pro RGB 120 mm.

Question 2:

The motherboard symbol is missing in the Aura UI?

Answer me this:

First check that the LEDs on your motherboard are lit.

If they are enabled, all you have to do is reinstall the software.

If they are off, go to BIOS> Advanced -> Vehicle Unit Configuration -> RGB LED Backlight -> Make sure that the RGB backlight is on.

Make sure that the components are correctly attached.

Question 3:

My Aura Sync-compatible device does not appear in the Aura interface?

Answer me this:

Make sure that the camera is properly connected to the motherboard.

Try connecting it to your system. Then press the Update button on the Aura software and wait a few seconds for it to be detected.

However, if the update does not work, try restarting the system. If that doesn’t work either, the problem may be the installation. Try reinstalling it.

Question 4:

How do you make a clean ringtone?

Answer me this:

Follow these instructions.

Question 5:

The desktop icon of the new Aura application hasn’t been updated?

Answer me this:

Download and install the latest version of the software.

Question No 6:

How many adjustable LEDs can I control?

Answer me this:

Aura Sync allows you to control adjustable LED strips consisting of up to 120 independent LEDs for each adjustable LED head.

Question 7:

Does the LED indicator on my motherboard memory set not work with an Intel®X99 chipset?

Answer me this:

Go to the BIOS menu>Select DRAM Sync Control and SPD DRAM Recording>Click Enabled>Save and Exit.

Question 8:

Does Aura Synchronization work on a graphics card other than ASUS?

Answer me this:

This will not work because third parties are not compatible, and remember that compatibility is the most important requirement for Aura lighting.

Question No 9:

Can you use Aura Sync without an ASUS motherboard?

Answer me this:

You need a motherboard pre-built by Asus Aura to run the software.

Question No 10:

Does Corsair Vengeance RGB work with Asus Aura Sync?

Answer me this:

Aura Sync is compatible with Corsair Vengeance’s RGB Pro and Dominator Platinum RGB modules.

Last words

We sincerely hope that you have found all the necessary information about the Asus Aura problem you were looking for and that you have corrected your problems. If not, please leave your comments below.

We can help you solve your problem.

Make sure you like the article and pass it on, if it also helps people around you and allows notifications in your browser to stay informed about tech on techacker.

Stay home and be careful!

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