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If you’re a fan of Xbox games and want to play them on your iPhone, here’s an explanation on how to do it. Not so long ago it was impossible, but now you can enjoy the game thanks to a special application on your iPhone.

Although certain conditions must be met in order to play, the process is simple and you will be able to enjoy the game soon after the encounter. How do you play Xbox games on your iPhone? Here are some of the solutions we have put together for you in this article.

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Conditions for the implementation of point

To play Xbox games on your iPhone, you need to install the One Cast application.  It’s not free, but once you pay for it, you get it forever. For the unique list, go to the App Store and download it. When everything is ready, press the installation button that appears on the screen and wait until it is installed. This won’t take long. The application costs $11.99 for iOS users.

In addition to the One Cast application, you must have an Xbox and an iPhone running iOS 10.0 or later. To play on your iPhone, you also need a 5 GHz wireless network.

Connection console and telephone

You must enable streaming on your Xbox console before you can play. Turn on your Xbox and open the main menu by pressing the Xbox button. Find the Settings menu and open the Settings. Select the Connect Xbox application option.

Once there, you’ll see several options, but you’ll have to choose the one that only says from the profiles included in the Xbox. Then select the option Allow transfer of the game to other devices. You’ve had the Xbox streamed to other devices. That was the first step.

Now, by connecting the phone to the console. The devices must be connected to the same network. Make sure it’s true. Then start making the connection. Open the application on your iPhone and go to the help page to open the main menu. Find the option Registration. At this point your phone will search for consoles on your Xbox.

Once the scan is complete and you have selected the console you wish to connect to, you will need to log in to a Microsoft account corresponding to the Xbox Live Gamertag you wish to stream. As soon as you are logged in, the Xbox displays a message that the wire has started.

Manual connection

If our solution didn’t work for you, here are the instructions for connecting your Xbox and iPhone manually. You need the IP address of the Xbox. To find them, first open the Preferences menu on the Xbox. Then go to the Network section and select the Network Settings option.

Find the advanced settings, where you can find the IP address. Don’t forget to select them on your iPhone in the space provided. The One Cast application scans your Xbox again. Now you can play Xbox games on your iPhone.

Useful information

You can use a Bluetooth controller for playback, but this is usually not the best solution. Players do some testing, and sometimes it doesn’t work well. Instead, they recommend leaving the controller connected to Xbox and playing on the iPhone. You may need to bring an iPhone stand to better position your phone for a better experience.

Microphones for voice chat during a game are not supported for use on the iPhone. Another important thing to remember: you have to leave your Xbox on and can only play with your home network connected.

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