How to handle a lost KeyStore password in Android? –

Development issue/problem:

I forgot my password for the key shop and don’t know what to do (I can’t or don’t want to get out). I want to update my application because I just fixed a bug, but it is no longer possible. What happens if I use the same keystore but make a new key? Can I still update the application, and if not, how can I notify users of the updated version?

If someone has had a similar problem or got into trouble, what advice can you give to remedy the situation? Luckily, it’s a free app.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Follow this link

This is unfortunate, but if you lose your keyboard or its password, your application will be orphaned. All you can do is restart your application under a new key.

ALWAYS back up your keyboard and write your passwords in a safe place.

Solution 2:

I came across this problem myself – fortunately I was able to find the password in a temporary Gradle file. In case somebody’s here:

to try and find that file.




and search for


He was over there in sight. In general: If you remember at least part of the password, try to find the file that contains that substring, and hopefully you’ll find it.

I was gonna throw it here, maybe it’ll help somebody eventually.

Edit: We’ve added new ideas from the comments, just to be more visible.

Many thanks to Vivek Bansal, Amar Ilindra and Uzbekjon for this information.

Solution 3:

If an erroneous password is entered, even if only once, it continues to speak at subsequent attempts:

Incorrect keyboard operation or wrong password.

Even if you do the right thing. I’ve tried it a few times, maybe it’s some kind of protection.
Close the export wizard and restart it with the correct password, now it works.

Solution 4:

The Beast is your best choice!

Here’s a scenario that helped me:

If you want, you can enter a list of words that the password can contain for a very fast recovery (it worked for me in <1 second).

Solution No 5:

I finally found a solution after two days….

Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the project
  2. In .gradle you’ll find your folder with the version of gradle in my case, it was 4.1 (see picture).
  3. Expand the 4.1 folder and locate theHistory.bin file in theHistory.bin folder.
  4. Open theHistory.bin file in the android studio itself.
  5. Find .storePassword … That’s all you get for a keyboard password.

It really worked for me.

Try it and have fun coding!!!!

Solution No 6:

On the MAC, start the console program and scroll down to ~/Library/Logs -> AndroidStudio ->idea.log.1 (or an old log output)
Then I searched Keystore and it should appear somewhere in the logs.

Original question: link

Solution No 7:

SOLUTION 2019 (Windows, Android Studio 3.3, version 4.10) :

This solution will only work if the Save Password box is checked in advance.

First of all, there is no taskArtifacts.bin for this version of gradle and idea.log, there are asterisks for passwords. It was an old solution that didn’t work for me.

Where I found the plain text passwords: C:User{username}AndroidStudioProjects{project} flush-mountingintermediatessigning_configreleaseoutsigning-config.json

Keys: mStorePassword and mKeyPassword.

I really hope this helps someone else.

Solution No 8:

In fact, it is no problem to lose the password of the tekistore safe.
You can use the following command to create a new keystore and assign a new password to it. The original keyboard password is not required:

keytool -importkeystore – path to srckeystore/to/to/forget/pw
– path to destkeystore/to/my/new.keyystore

When prompted, create a password for your new password.
You will receive a warning that the integrity has not been verified and that your new password is identical to the original.

The reason it works is that the keyboard password is only used for keyboard integrity, it does not encrypt data, unlike the private key password that your private key actually stores in encrypted form.

Please note that you need to know your personal key password in order to sign your applications. Well, if it’s the same password that was forgotten on the keyboard, you can use brute force, as in @Artur’s answer.

This approach has always worked for me.

Solution No 9:

I think I should answer this question because it can’t be a simple remark.
As @ElDoRado1239 says in his reply (don’t forget to vote against his reply).

  • The search for ..Project.gradle2.4taskArtifactstaskArtifacts.bin was in my case in ..Project.gradle2.2.1taskArtifactstaskArtifacts.bin, because I use gradle 2.2.1.
  • Then search for storePassword, as @Moxet Khan says in comments…. was in my case as a rule signingConfig.storePassword¬í t my.forgoten.password-signingConfig.keyAlias

I hope you can help someone else!

Solution No 10:

Luckily I found my lost password and my keyboard path and alias in the Android Studio logs.

if you use linux/unix-based machines.

Access to the journals catalogue of the library

cd ~ library/notebook/

there if you remember the version of Android Studio you used to create the latest version of MOTH. Go to this folder

ex : cd AndroidStudio1.5/

You will find the log files there. In one of the log files (idea.log)
you will find the access data of the keyboard.


I hope this will help Android Studio users.

Good luck!

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