How Tal Daskal CEO and Co-Founder at EasySend Raised $16M To Build A No-Code Platform For Building And Optimizing Digital Customer Journeys?

Bookmark(0) Log in to create bookmarks No bill yet? Login Tal Daskal is CEO and co-founder of EasySend, a SaaS company based in Tel Aviv, New York and Germany. Daskal is an expert in digital transformation in the banking and insurance sector and a passionate advocate of the paradigm shift towards code-free application development in … Read more

Tecno Camon 16 series launched in Pakistan

On the third. In November 2020 Tecno launched the Camon 16 series of photo cameras. The company announced two smartphones – Camon 16 and Camon 16 SE – equipped with game processors. The event was broadcast online on Tecno Mobile’s official Facebook page, but also on other social media platforms. Early last month, Tecno released … Read more

11 Best Sites Like Movie4K to Watch Free Movies Online

Movies4K is a great entertainment site that offers online shows, TV series and streaming movies and allows users to download their favorite movies and TV episodes to their smartphones and computers. It offers you the best features with different options that you can easily download. It offers different resolutions with multiple language options, and all … Read more

Top 10 Best Fax Machine For Small Business In 2020- Tech Splashers

If you have a small business, there are a few mandatory elements that together will bring you enormous benefits. One of these devices is a fax machine, which allows companies to do their work quickly by transferring files securely. Fax machines with different functions and backlight sets are available. Moreover, in this era in which … Read more

5 Alternative Workouts for Students Who Can’t Afford Going to the Gym

Most students barely have time to sleep, let alone go to the gym. However, it has been shown that regular exercise increases mental performance as well as learning ability and cognitive awareness. It may seem impossible to add another item to the already extensive list of compulsory schools, jobs and extracurricular activities. However, movement is … Read more

Microsoft Surface Duo Review – Tech Stunt

Microsoft Surface Duo hopes to be something unique and different from all other gadgets. You can see it as a phone or a small tray, but both are bigger and smaller than these things. There’s nothing in Surface Duo that can’t be done on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, your smartphone certainly takes better pictures … Read more

How to Create WhatsApp Stickers Using iPhone or iPad?

WhatsApp is a premium application when it comes to communicating with friends and family. Thanks to this application, there doesn’t seem to be much distance between you and your loved ones. WhatsApp seized the social media network and went back to the invention. From phone calls to video calls, from built-in stickers to custom WhatsApp … Read more

CocoSign Review: The Importance of Partnership Agreement

What usually happens when two partners, who are new entrepreneurs, set up a joint venture? With the excitement of this new adventure and their seemingly indestructible trust, both partners agree on everything and everyone. Because they do not know what the future holds for them, none of them has the time to make a written … Read more

Latest Guide For Beginners in 2020

Facebook Twitter interest Reddit Messenger WhatsApp After careful installation of all RGB lighting components in the system, you start Asus Aura Sync, but to your dissatisfaction the system does not turn on. Well, the problem may be that Asus’ aura isn’t working properly. We have read several complaints about the failure of the Asus Aura … Read more