Web Design vs Print Design

So you’ve tried to understand the difference between web design and print design. They have a lot in common, but there is a big difference between the two environments.

Web design or print design? Web design is the creation of sites and applications specifically designed to be displayed online. Print design is the making of handmade printed matter such as signs, business cards, posters, flyers and everything physical. Both have common characteristics, but serve different purposes in getting your message across. Always seek professional help.

If you want to know the differences between the two media, read the following and find out how they work together. We will also discuss the disadvantages and advantages of both types of media.

Understanding web design

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Webdesign is often made by a webdesigner or developer, depending on the type of project you have. These projects often involve such things as:

  • Websites
  • web applications
  • reduced load PDF
  • Content of the website

We need to consider everything an Internet connection needs as part of the design process of the site. Although there are some minor overlaps with things like PDF downloads, it is important to note that these files should be saved for the web and not for printing.

We’ll talk about it later, but it’s an important note for anyone who wants to start a web design project.

Advantages of web design over print design

The design of the website has several advantages over its printed cousin, and the most important is the price. The design of the website is much cheaper than printing and it is easier to adapt to changes.

Unlike printed websites, the web design can be changed in no time, making it an excellent tool for fast production. In fact, the web only developed when the seal slowly began to die off. We see more and more people switching to web-based products and less and less people switching to print products.

The other thing is that the digital that exists is the internet, which is better for the environment because there is very little waste. This is an area where printing is slowly being lost as paper, ink and physical goods become more expensive.

Disadvantages of Webdesign vs. Print design

The biggest drawback is the amount of information and the fact that professionals don’t know what you’re getting. Unlike print design, web design requires someone with programming skills to know how to get your message across to someone online.

The design of websites contains specific offers that are subdivided into the following categories:

  • webdesigner
  • Web developer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Online Advertisers
  • social media

These are just some of the professionals you can find online, and one of the biggest problems is that not all of these professionals have experience with all of the listed transactions. That’s why it can be harder to find the right company or person for your project.

Not to mention the fact that with web design part of the online problem gets people’s attention. Advertisers pay a lot of money to put you online, and there’s a good reason for that: People don’t look at the ads that way. In fact, part of the web industry blocks advertisements.

So if you’re trying to attract people’s attention, understand that online can be a lot harder than offline.

Understanding the printed design

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Print design is usually done by a graphic designer, but sometimes also by untrained professionals, such as in web design. Unlike web design, print design focuses on objects that you can hold in your hand, touch and use.

  • Business cards
  • Signs
  • Luchtvaartman
  • Information boards
  • Brochures

These are just a few of the millions of things you can make with Printversus web design. Unlike web design, the price is much higher. Printed matter is a medium that was once popular, but has since lost much of its popularity.

Benefits of the printed design

The design of the website may be more environmentally friendly than the design of the printed matter, but you can do a lot with direct mail. Because print design has been around much longer than web design, it forces people to be creative.

Marketers have learned the tactics of receiving things like open letters or emails that constantly remind you of a product or service. It is therefore not surprising that most companies continue to rely on print media when they turn to the media to get their message across.

That’s because people don’t do much online and often ignore them, while the printed material is often opened and viewed. A good impression is at least comparable to the design of a website – a good impression draws readers’ attention to your product or service.

Having something physical is also something that people can hold in their hands, which is different from web design, which is not physical at all. Objects such as mugs, T-shirts or pens are objects that you can hold.

Print design deficiencies

Print design is an older means of communication and therefore shows its age more than the web. Printed matter has become a more expensive way to communicate with customers.

Although web design can be expensive, depending on the type of project, printing can be very expensive and there is almost no way to track the return on investment. An example of this is a billboard on the side of the road.

That is why the footprint of large projects has decreased, people want more follow-up to know if their project is going well.

Printed matter also has the major disadvantage that it consumes resources for the environment. Whatever you think, making paper and ink is not a process that cleans the environment from waste. Due to global warming and many other problems we are facing, there has been an enormous impulse to start working digitally.

The future of web and print design

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No one can tell you what the future holds, but I think we’ll see the end of the impression in my life. I don’t see how a printed drawing can be durable. Not to mention the fact that the cost of things like paper and ink will eventually skyrocket as the transition to a paperless trend continues.

The design of the website is not without flaws, but sometimes half of the internet is a lot of energy because of the assembly line. Problems like this force people to look for solutions that do so when there is redundancy.

Not to mention the use of Chromebooks as an example – a computer that requires very little physical storage space in combination with cloud computing. Some people don’t like the idea of putting things in the cloud, but companies like Apple and others move there for their products.

As things like cloud computing become more sophisticated, you see an even greater urge for electronics products. Amazon has transformed a large part of the book industry into e-books. I expect you to see a lot more of these digital products.

Good design in any environment

The good news for all these graphic designers is that this is not the end of the industry. A good design is a good design, no matter how it is created. So, the same skills that someone like me acquired in the school of graphic design will be useful for the internet and for many futures.

Design is a special skill that is conveyed through many types of media, and we never forget that.


I hope you enjoyed this article that explains the difference between web design and graphic design. I hope you have learned a lot from reading this article and if you want to know more about web design, please visit our website.

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