MSVCP100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 {Solved}

The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, which was released in July 2015, has a number of interesting features. The main reason for creating this version was to develop a better and more user-friendly version of the operating system than the previous one.

Windows 8, which was considered an unfriendly operating system because it was still based on a tablet, had many other shortcomings. Therefore, the other main motivation for creating Windows 10 was to overcome the criticism of Windows 8 users. Windows 10 is considered to be a better operating system than Windows in many ways.

Some of the advantages of Windows 10 are listed below:

  1. The Start menu, which was absent in Windows 8, is present in Windows 10.
  2. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 has a personal voice wizard called Cortana.
  3. Internet Explorer will be replaced by Microsoft Edge.
  4. The ability to multi-task has been added, as well as the ability to add multiple desktops.
  5. Windows 10 also has a centralized notification center.
  6. Windows 10 comes with Universal and Continuum applications to improve the transition from one device to another.
  7. Windows 10 also supports Xbox games.

In addition, Windows 10 would run on about 600 million devices. In addition, Windows 10 has become a widely used operating system in 2018 compared to Windows 7. But because we know that no operating system can be perfect, Windows 10 can’t be flawless either.

The absence of MSVCP100.dll is one of the most common errors Windows 10 users encounter. This error MSVCP100.dll misses the user experience without any interference. So let’s look one by one at the causes and their solutions to address the missing MSVCP100.dll error.

What is MSVCP100.dll and why does it do this?

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 was developed by Microsoft, including MSVCP100.dll, a dll file called Microsoft C Runtime Library. This DLL or library of dynamic links is a file required for the execution of certain games. However, this dynamic link library can sometimes cause an error if it is not in the installation folder of the game / application. Here are a few cases where an error can occur:

  1. The first time you start or shut down Windows.
  2. During the installation of the program.
  3. When installing the new Windows.

The missing MSVCP100.dll error can occur when msvcp100.dll is removed or damaged, intentionally or not. The presence of viruses, malware, hardware problems or other problems with the Windows registry may also be the reason for the MSVCP100.dll error.

How to fix the missing MSVCP100.dll file in Windows 10

Below are some causes of the lack of MSVCP100.dll and their solutions.

Method 1: Reinstallation of Microsoft Visual C++ redistribution software package

The most common reason for the absence of MSVCP100.dll is that the program is installed and the file is missing. Here are the steps you need to take to fix this problem.

Step one: First press the button with the Windows logo and select Control Panel.

Step two: Go to the top right corner of the Control Panel window and find the option View by Category.

Step three: Then click on the Uninstall a program button in the program settings.

Step four: Then check the version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed by the user.

Step five: Then select the version you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.

Step six: If other versions exist, remove them as well.

Step seven: Finally, after uninstallation, download the latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package, Visual C++ Redistributable Update 3.

Step 8 : It is recommended to download the package from the Microsoft website and not from any other website.

Step 9 : When the download is complete, double-click on the downloaded file and install it.

Step 10 : Restart the system after installation is complete.

The above steps will solve the MSVCP100.dll error in most cases. However, if the error persists, there are other methods.

Method 2: Recover the MSVCP100.dll file to Trashcan

It is possible that the user has accidentally deleted the file. And now it’s in the trash. If it is not placed in the correct folder, programs that need the .dll file will not be able to use it. However, you must also ensure that a file containing a virus/malware is recovered from the recycle bin.

Method 3: Using the System File Checker (SFC).

Corrupt files are one of the many common reasons why the MSVCP100.dll file does not contain an error. To do this, we have to use the CVS command. Here are the steps you need to take to follow this decision.

Step one: First open the command prompt at the same time as the Windows + X keys.

Step two: Then type the sfc /scannow command into the input field and press Enter.

Step three: The process may take a few minutes to evaluate, so please wait patiently.

Step four: If errors are detected in the system files during the process, the system overwrites these files.

Step five: Restart the system when the check is complete. Check the MSVCP100.dll file for an error. If so, proceed to the next steps.

Method 4: Virus/Malware scanning

There may be situations where viruses or malicious programs that infect files or systems can disrupt the operation of the .dll. Run antivirus software in cases of virus or malware infection. If the problem is as expected, this solution will certainly fix the missing MSVCP100.dll error. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Method 5: Re-installation of the program causing error.

One of the best ways to get rid of the MSVCP100.dll error is to reinstall the program that caused the error. If the MSVCP100.dll error disappears after running this solution, it is good and correct. Otherwise, there are other options. Go to the next option.

Method 6: Start of system repair

One of the simplest solutions to overcome MSVCP100.dll is the absence of a repair selection error at system startup. For those who were unable to solve the missing MSVCP100.dll error, this step is generally useful. If the MSVCP100.dll error persists even after running this specific solution, continue with the last option listed below.

Method 7: Reinstalling windows 10

The last way to get rid of MSVCP100.dll is to perform a clean installation of Windows 10. This will remove the old files and install the new .dll files. This is the last way to address the missing MSVCP100.dll error and it will certainly fix this error and the user will be able to continue working undisturbed.


As mentioned before, the Windows 10 operating system was designed with the best intentions. The more user-friendly interface it offers, as well as the additional features mentioned above, have undoubtedly contributed to its ease of use. But every operating system has its pros and cons.

A common error encountered by Windows 10 users is the lack of MSVCP100.dll, which is discussed in the above topics. The causes of the error and its correction are presented step by step. Hopefully Windows 10 users who encounter MSVCP100.dll missed the error; for them the above points will help to find a solution.

The user may not be able to find a solution at the first opportunity, but patiently following the path that will definitely find a way out of MSVCP100.dll one by one is a missed error problem. Once the problem is solved, the user can work again without interruption, just like in the beginning.

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