Missing api_key/current key with Google Services 3.0.0 –

Development issue/problem:

Since I updated the project with the latest version of Google’s services and libraries (9.0.0), I’ve had this strange problem:

Class console :

Parse Json file /Users/cyrilmorales/Documents/Projects/projects/mobilemeans-punainenristi/app/google-services.json
:app:processDebugGoogleServices FAILED
error : The ‘:app:processDebugGoogleServices’ task has failed.
> api_key/current_key missed


Dependencies {
class com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.2.0-alpha1
class com.google.gms:google services:3.0.0

build.gradle (application) :

Dependencies {….Compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play services-analyst:9.0.0’Compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play services-gcm:9.0.0’Compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play-services-cards:9.0.0’Compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:9.0.0’…}applying the plugin: com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:9.0.0’…

However, it works well with game services libraries in version 8.4.0 and Google 2.1.0 services.

Do you have any ideas for a solution?

How can this problem be solved?

Decision No 1:

Create a new configuration file (google-services.json) at https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/android/client#get-config.

New configuration file with api_key: [ { current_key : XXX } … in the customer section

Update: or activate the service manually in the developer console and generate a key.

Decision No 2:

Adding an empty current key value to google-services.json solved this problem for me.

api_key : [{actual_key : }]

Decision No 3:

Yeah, just like Firebase, it’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with a situation like this. Click on the menu of your request and select Manage.

you can download google-services.json again.

Decision No 4:

For those who have this problem, you should first add each service to your request at https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/android/client#get-config.

In my case I added admob (already with Analytics and gcm), then the file was generated with api_key.

I think it’s a mistake, and it will soon be corrected until it is.

Decision No 5:

Although Yozin has accepted the answer and comments, cloud messaging is not mandatory or mandatory.

But renewing google-services.json is the key to the solution (that’s why I voted for it). That’s exactly what I did:

As you know, you can generate a configuration file for the analysis from the Google Developer Guide.

1 : Please select your request.

2 : Close the pop-up window! He’s hiding…


4: Of course, select it and turn it on!

5 : We can now generate the configuration files correctly!

6 : We did it! This time the configuration file must contain the api_key.

Conclusion: The interface of the interactive generation tool is a bit confusing…

Decision No 6:

You can download google-services.json again.

Download steps :

1). Click on the top menu of your application in the Firebase console.

2). Click on the buttons.

3). In your application you will find the latest version of the configuration file and the file google-services.json to download and replace.

Decision No 7:

First in your JSON file.


api_key : []


api_key: [{key_current: }].

The degree structure will then be successful, but if you execute your request, you may receive the following errors

Wrong: The :app:transformResourcesWithMergeJavaResForDebug task failed.
> com.android.build.api.transforformException: com.android.build.api.transforformException: com.android.builder.packaging.duplicateFileException : Duplicate files are copied to file
of the MOTCH META-INF/LICENSE : C: Usersbucky.gradlecachemodules-2-files-2.1com.fasterxml.jackson.corejackson-core2.2.2d20be6a5ddd6f8cfd36ebf6dea329873a1c41f1bjackson-core-
file2 : C: Usersbucky.gradlecachesmodules-2files-2.1com.fasterxml.jackson.corejackson-databind2.2.23c8f6018eaa72d43b26118 01e6f8676c16ef6jackson-databind-2.2.jarFile3 : C: Usersbucky.gradlecachemodules-2-files-2.1com.fasterxml.jackson annotations-2.2.2285cb9c66f0f3dd8a1be04e1f457eb7b15113jackson annotations-2.2.jar

To solve this problem, you can add the following to your app.gradle file It worked for me.

packaging options {
excludes META-INF/LICENSE from
excludes META-INF/LICENSE from
excludes META-INF/licencetxt
excludes META-INF/NOTICE from
excludes META-INF/NOTICE.txt
excludes META-INF/notice.txt
excludes META-INF/ASL2.0

Machining :
Later he showed me a mistake when making the apk file. So I had to download Jason’s file again. After two tests, I got Jason’s file with a valid I.P.A. key.

Decision No 8:

If you are not using Firebase, the correct link for generating the google-services.json configuration file is actually here.

Decision No 9:

Restore google-services.json at https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/android/client#get-config,one It is important that you enable cloud message processing in the Select Services step and open a new google-services.json file in which you can enter words such as

api_Key: [
current_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

without these words or without the meaning of the current_key is not a correct file.

Decision No 10:

With these measures, which are not discussed here, I could solve this problem. This answer does NOT activate cloud mail, but only retrieves the key from the server.

So first go to the Firebase console, then to the project settings and finally to the Cloud Messages tab. Check where the server key is written, and if you don’t see the long key (not the ID number of the sender), press the Regenerate button, and now the long key should be displayed. Copy this key and save it in the google-services.json file as: api_key: [ {current_key: the key is coming in here} ].

This method helped me before somebody else was at work, so I hope it helps somebody.

Good luck!

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