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Cisco Systems Inc. is a U.S. technology company and a global leader in network equipment design, but it is not well known to the general public. Cisco designs and sells network equipment, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-tech products and services. The head office is located in San Jose, California, in the American Silicon Valley.

Cisco’s products are mainly used by other machine manufacturers and are therefore not known to most ordinary households. From a business point of view, Cisco is one of the largest companies in the United States and the world.  Cisco specializes primarily in certain emerging technology markets such as Internet Things (IoT), domain security and energy management, and has numerous subsidiaries, including Open DNS, Webex, Jabber and Jasper.


Cisco was founded in December 1984 by two computer specialists from Stanford University, Leonard Bosak and Sandy Lerner. Leonard and Sandy met at Stanford and were married at the time. During their studies at Stanford, the duo played an important role in the connection of the computer system.

Bosack used computer network technology to connect and communicate with all the school’s computer systems. This resulted in a box that functioned as a multi-protocol router and was called the Blue Box. The success of this blue box project inspired the duo to what they called Cisco Systems, a company name inspired by the city of San Francisco.


Cisco began selling its first product, a computer network interface card, to Digital Equipment Corporation in 1985. In the same tables that appeal to Cisco, because the router, which serves multiple network protocols, has become a great success and has won a large market for the company. With its routers, Cisco was one of the first companies to successfully develop and market routers that support multiple network protocols.

The 1990s were a period of great expansion for Sisko. In 1993, Cisco launched the 7000 router, which was a superior device compared to other devices on the market at the time. During this period, Cisco also began to conquer the market and acquired many small and large companies, including Ethernet switching companies such as Kalpana, Grand Junction and Mario Mazzola’s largest company, Crescendo Communications, which were merged into the Catalyst Crescendo Communications business unit. These mergers and acquisitions have broadened Cisco’s market base. In 1998 Cisco acquired Selsius Systems, a company specializing in Internet telephony, paving the way for Cisco’s dominant position in VoIP technology.



By 2000, the routers developed by Cisco had almost completely dominated the global market. Cisco has introduced a wide range of products, from modem access racks such as the AS5200 to basic GSR routers, making it a major player in the computer networking market. In 2006, Cisco entered the videoconferencing market with the TelePresence system, which enables people in different locations to communicate face-to-face. With the introduction of the new ASR9000 router, the company has consolidated its carrier Ethernet and subscriber management business around EZChip and IOS-XR based devices.

Cisco has expanded its base in all of the world’s major business centers. In India, Cisco has located in Bangalore its more than 1 billion dollar center for Globalization East. The company also bought Starent Networks’ specialized mobile networks to expand its business.

Since 2010, Cisco has been investing heavily in the emerging domain of the Internet of Things through its accelerators and startups such as Alchemist, Ayla Networks and EVRYTHNG. In 2015, Cisco invested heavily in cloud computing and introduced a cloud-based secure Internet gateway called Cisco Umbrella to provide users who are not using their corporate networks or VPNs with secure Internet access to connect to external data centers.

It is a pioneer of the Local Area Network (LAN) concept, which is used to connect geographically distributed computers to each other via a multi-protocol routing system. The acquired Cisco company is a start-up company working in the field of business analysis based on artificial intelligence, for $270 million in 2018. In 2019 and 2020 he took over many companies such as CloudCherry, Voice, VeloCloud.


In fiscal year 2018, the company posted a profit of $0.1 billion on an annual turnover of $49.3 billion.  Due to the huge increase in business volume from November 2020, Cisco’s market will be worth approximately $173 billion. Cisco Systems was ranked 444th in Forbes Global 2000 with a market capitalization of $221.3 billion in 2018. In 2020, Cisco was ranked fourth on the annual list of the 100 best companies to work with.



Cisco’s main market includes the market for companies and manufacturers of products related to computer networks. Cisco’s core activities are networking, including Ethernet, optical, wireless and mobile technologies, security, collaboration, such as voice, video and data communications, data centers and the Internet of Things.  Cisco has a dominant position in the Asian, Australian and American markets.

The most important products and services.

1 . VoIP services

Cisco is a major player in the VoIP market. Cisco develops VoIP equipment through its many subsidiaries such as Atlanta and Linksys. The company works with companies such as Skype, Microsoft, and Yahoo to integrate consumer VoIP services into wireless and cordless phones.

2 . Vehicles for emergency power supply

Network Emergency Response Vehicles or NERVs are vehicles maintained and deployed by Cisco employees in the event of natural disasters and other crisis situations. They are equipped with high-tech facilities, including wired and wireless services such as voice, radio, VoIP, video surveillance and secure HD video conferencing for executives, administrative staff and emergency services in crisis areas, with bandwidths of up to 3 Mbps (up and down) using a 1.8-metre satellite dish. The American Red Cross awarded Cisco’s NERVs 2011 with the Innovation Preparedness Award for their contribution to disaster and crisis management.

3 . Collaborative solutions Hosting

With its Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco offers cloud-based collaboration services such as cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM), cisco Unified Contact Center, cisco Unified Mobility, cisco Unified Presence, cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and cisco Webex Conference Center.


4 . Certification

Cisco also offers professional IT certification for various products. Cisco has an extensive certification office with a number of specialized technicians, sales teams and data centers around the world. The Cisco Network Academy is a certification portal developed by the company. There are different certification levels such as Entry (CCENT), Associate (CCNA/CCDA), Professional (CCNP/CCDP), Expert (CCIE/CCDE) and Architect (CCAr: previous CCDE).

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