How to Fix High Memory Usage in Windows 10

When Task Manager is open in Windows, you may notice an inexplicable amount of memory being used. Memory build-up can slow down the response time of an application and cause the screens to freeze. Whether you’re playing a game with a lot of memory or leaving many browser windows open, you need as small a memory leak as possible.

Below are the best methods in Windows 10 to reduce memory usage for each group of running programs. Sudden memory loss occurs for a variety of reasons. So there are several solutions that we will discuss. All these methods can be safely applied to any device running Windows 10.

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Start shutting down unusedprograms and applications.

All computer memory is connected to the processor and RAM. However, the problem of high memory usage is mainly related to the overload of many internal processes. It therefore helps to stop the execution of unnecessary programs and applications. Open your Task Manager and search for additional programs you are not currently using. Click the right mouse button and close it. This should immediately reduce the problem of large amounts of memory and 100% CPU usage.

Then clean and optimize thedrives.

Hard disk space is another memory stick that can seriously affect the performance of your applications. Not only a gigabyte of storage space, but also a huge amount of unnecessary files on your computer can cause memory spikes. This includes temporary files, system files, thumbnails, memory dump files, previous Windows updates, and trash information.

Windows 10 has a built-in utility called Disk Cleanup that cleans the disk space you use. Select the main C drive and click the right mouse button to open this menu. It takes a few seconds or minutes for the system to indicate the amount of free space when the disc cleaning button is pressed.

An overview of the files to be deleted is displayed. The files that take up the most space are temporary internet files, program downloads, delivery optimization files and sketches.

If you click the Remove System Files button, you may be able to remove much more disk space. Cleaning up Windows updates is an important resource because we often forget to delete previous Windows updates that we no longer need.

Select all the files above and choose the permanent deletion option.

Cleaning takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on the storage space you are restoring.

The drives can then be optimised and defragmented to increase efficiency.

If you have set up a weekly program in Windows 10, you do not need to defragment it separately.

Go to Quota settings under Disk Manager and make sure all disk quotas are turned off.

Increase virtual memory via NDU register

Here is a technique that will give an immediate boost to your memory. Go to the registry editor in the Home menu, and then start it in the administrator mode.

Now follow the path below and select the NDU (Network Diagnostic Usage)


The NDU is a source monitoring parameter and its dependencies can cause sudden memory failure when many applications are running. Click the right mouse button to change the settings.

Change the default value from 2 to 4 and save this new NMSU setting. This increases the amount of virtual memory allocated to your system.

Disabling SysMain (formerly Superfetch)

Windows has a utility called SysMain (formerly known as Superfetch) that absorbs unused RAM from pre-installed applications. Over time, however, it can also become a source boar. This is why switching off SysMain significantly improves memory performance. To do this, select the Services application from the Start menu and start it in Supervisor mode.

Go to SysMain and right-click Properties.

First stop the automatic process. Disable SysMain at startup and apply the changes. The memory grows almost instantly and your Windows PC seems to grow much faster.

FinallyIncreasing RAM capacity

After trying all of the above methods, it is time to update the RAM memory if you have not noticed an improvement in the memory value. To estimate how much RAM you already have, its speed and form factor, go to Performance -> Memory. This will help you make the right purchase. However, there is a certain maximum size to which you can update your RAM memory.

In this tutorial you have learned how to solve the memory usage problem that Windows 10 Task Manager diagnoses. All methods are safe and do not harm your body because they are native. You should also check your antivirus program, as it can quickly reload the assigned memory. In the same way you can use 8 to solve the problem of high memory usage under Linux.

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