How To Engage More Audience Through Explainer Videos

Explanatory videos are becoming increasingly popular to attract viewers and gain popularity. They define a product or service and contribute to the dissemination of information.

They are undoubtedly useful for capturing an audience and attracting leaders. With these videos you can proactively influence your target group and potential customers.

However, explanatory videos only work if you do it right. If they are unable to answer questions and doubts from listeners, this can lead to the opposite result and reduce the value of your product or service in their eyes.

So you need to know and use tricks to create fascinating and engaging explanatory videos. Here are some recommendations to consider when making a winning video.

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Nine tips for making a fun and entertaining video with explanations.

1. Creating an effective scenario

A good script is a step towards an entertainment video. The script defines the accents, the creative elements and the video voice. It is therefore very important that your hand is fascinating and focuses on all the basic details.

It makes sense to hire an external specialist to write the script. Your experience will help you get the right perspective from your audience. A stranger takes a fresh look at your company or product and develops a more extensive delivery method.

When creating or finalizing a scenario, make sure that it contains everything you want to mark and that it is up to date and necessary.

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2. Be brief

Public attention is limited. The more you talk, the more the audience will forget. Short, clear videos work best with them. They are more likely to remember the facts that concern them most directly.

Don’t explain everything. Just put the hook on. The hook is a fascinating or intriguing insight that encourages people to look for more information. In this way you can also guide your audience to the next desired step.

Technically, the voting should be 150 words per minute, which is more than the average reading time. This leaves enough time to sniff the message, so the audience can follow it comfortably.

3. Don’t complicate the situation.

In a short video you can explain complicated things from a distance. To keep the video short, you only need to focus on the essential and simple aspects. A good explanatory video highlights the following points:

a. Complication

Talk about the future of your problem. Speak their language and solve any problems they may encounter.

b. Decision

Tell us briefly about your product or service and describe in detail how it can help you.

c. Operational

Explain how it works and how to get started.

d. CTA or call for action

Always turn on the button that allows you to go to the next step and get closer to the sale.

4. Focus on services

Never forget to take into account the point of view of the public, which is also a potential customer. The idea of showing the characteristics of your product can be attractive. However, from the customer’s perspective, they are not as relevant as the product advantage.

The customer wants to know what serves him and what serves him best. That is why it is best to focus on the usefulness of the product you are selling.

Speak their language and cut out the technical details. Tell them in simple terms how your product is convenient and necessary for them.

5. Keep your voice professional.

There is no need to talk about the influence of audio on video. Crackling, background noises or interrupted voices do not help; the pilot light creates an unprofessional sound. The voice transfer should be pleasant and exciting.

Therefore, the tone must be professional, with a tone of maturity, understanding and knowledge. When listeners hear you, they must feel that you have a thorough knowledge of your subject.

You may want to find a professional with a refined voice and the ability to do voice-overs.

6. Making a call

You can make an explanatory video that contains important facts and information, but the audience will look at other material that may seem interesting or boring. It’s up to you to make it fun and entertaining.

No matter who is watching, the element of surprise, humour or fantasy works for everyone. If they liked it, they’ll probably remember. By making sure they enjoy your video, you can establish a personal connection with your audience, which you cannot do through the website.

But keep your balance and don’t get carried away by creativity.

7. Place the images at the second position

The visual effects are very important, as is the sound. They have to be attractive and understandable. However, there is no reason to exaggerate. It makes no sense to use grandiose and complex visual effects with unnecessary details and effects.

Clear and understandable visual images work well with the audience as long as they are used to explain the subject to them.

There is a difference between advertising and video with explanations, and that has to be done.

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8. Select the correct background music.

Despite the dialogue and the voices, we are strongly influenced by the background music when watching a film. This creates an atmosphere that enriches our experience of watching films. When creating an explanatory guide in the form of a video, make sure you add background music that sounds good. It will determine the pace and sound of your video.

There are many online tools and services to help you find the right music for your video. Before choosing the latter, you may want to think about the mood and tone of voice.

9. Don’t forget to start.

The team is often approached and excited about the video production and misses the launch planning. It is worth mentioning that the launch of a video is just as important as its production, so it must be adapted accordingly. The steps in the release planning are listed below:

a. Find a video presenter

Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo PRO and others are good examples of video brackets.

b. Strategy for the marketing campaign

There is no formula for creating viral videos, but some standard methods can give good results when used. Use the most effective marketing strategies to showcase the videos and spread them as widely as possible.

c. On-site video mixing

We understand that you want video to come to the fore and attract more and more viewers. However, it is essential to ensure seamless integration of the video equipment. It mustn’t look forced and inappropriate.

Show your creativity

If you follow these steps, you can create videos according to industry standards. But to make it extraordinary and unusual, you have to use your creativity. Every company is unique and every brand is unique. After all, it depends on the image you want to create.

There is no formula that can give you a viral video or a large audience. But if you want your video to go well, you have presented your product and its benefits to your audience in the most entertaining, comprehensive and easy way.

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