Fix Windows 10 Update Error error 0x80248007

This error occurs when the Windows 10 operating system (OS) is updated to the latest version. In this article you will learn why this error occurs and, most importantly, you will be equipped with different techniques you can use to correct this error when it occurs.

Let’s get started.

What is the cause of Windows Update error 0248007?

There are two main reasons for this error. The first could be that one or more critical files are missing or corrupted. Second, the terms of your Microsoft software license may not be controllable. In other words, this error prevents downloading and installing updates via Windows Update. You will probably get this error as often as you press the Retry button.

Now let’s see what really brought you here.

Method 1: Resetting the WindowsUpdate Service

Go to Control Panel, select the view with the large icons and go to Administration.

Then double-click on Services and enter the desired password or confirm it if necessary.

Then look up Windows Update, right click on it and select Stop from the menu that appears. Applying this method will practically correct the error.

Method 2: Remove the Windows Update Cache

Another quick solution to this error is to clear the Windows update cache before reinstalling the updates.

Here are the steps you need to take to achieve this goal:

  • Click Start or the Windows icon on your keyboard and type services.msc in the search box.
  • Click on the Services button in the results that appear.
  • Then scroll down until you reach Windows Update Services.
  • Right-click and then click Stop.
  • Now go to the file explorer from the start menu.
  • Go to C:> then to Windows>Software Distribution>DataStore and delete all folders and files in it.
  • Go back to C:>Software Distribution>Download and delete everything you find there.
  • Now you have to reboot the computer.
  • And try the Windows update again.

I hope this will solve the problem.

Method 3: Check the free space on the hard disk

One of the reasons files or folders may be missing is a lack of disk space on the computer to download and store them. It is always advisable to ensure that at least 10% of the free space remains on the computer.

To check the available disk space on your computer, follow these steps

Go to the beginning, then find the file explorer…

Select the File Management application

Then click on the PC and check the free space on the C drive.

  • If the available disk space is less than the recommended 10%, right-click Properties and then click Disk Cleanup.
  • Using the completed list, check if there is anything that can be removed or deleted to create more space.

Method 4: Correcting damaged files

You can repair damaged files by executing a simple chkdsk command.

Here’s how:

  • In the search bar, go to the beginning of the PDC entry. Click on Run as Administrator.
  • Then select YES when prompted by the UAC.
  • In the command window that appears, type chkdsk C: /f /r and type.

You will see a screen as shown below.

  • The next time you are prompted to start scanning, press Y, then press Enter.
  • Now restart the computer and hope that this will automatically correct the error.

Method 5: Troubleshooting WindowsUpdate

This method can also be used quickly to correct error 0248007. Find errors and apply recommended solutions with the built-in diagnostic tool in Windows 10.

Proceed as follows:

Press Start and then Settings

Select Update and Security

In the menu on the left, select the Troubleshooting option and then click Update Windows.

  • The tool then needs some time to check whether there are any errors that need to be corrected.
  • If there are any, apply the patches and restart the computer.
  • Make sure this solves the problem by trying to download and reinstall the updates.


If you carefully follow the steps described in the 5 ways presented in this message, you should be able to get to the bottom of the Windows 10 Update error 0248007.

With that in mind, we’d like to hear from you. Were you able to correct the error and successfully run Windows 10 updates? Which of the methods discussed here worked for you? Did you have any problems trying to solve it? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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