Fix “No Internet Access” And “No Internet Secured” Windows 10

Bugfix No Internet access and no secure Internet on Windows 10 – One of the problems Windows 10 users often face when connecting their PCs and laptops to the Internet is an interrupted connection. When connecting to a LAN or WiFi network, the icon displays a message that the laptop is connected but cannot be used to connect to the Internet.

Fixed No Internet access and no Internet security Windows 10

You will also see the messages No Internet Access and No Secure Internet. For example, the Internet may not work, even though it is connected, but it is used to view, download and access online games.

There are several reasons for this problem: Signal interference, poor IP and DNS settings, Internet services or modem and router problems.

Details :

How can the lack of Internet access and the lack of security in Windows 10 be remedied?

  1. Identify the cause of the problem.
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Reboot the router and modem
  4. Make sure that your ISP is not interrupted.
  5. Forget the WiFi network and reconnect it.
  6. Try another LAN cable
  7. Flash DNS and network reset with CMD
  8. Use IP address and automatic DNS
  9. Make sure that the WiFi and LAN drivers are working properly.
  10. Network reset in progress
  11. Troubleshooting the network
  12. Resetting the router and modem
  13. Reset the PC

The steps above represent the solutions you can offer to solve this problem, from the simplest to the most complex.

You can try them one by one, here’s an explanation.

1. Identify the source of the problem

The first step is to find the cause of the problem in advance, whether it is on the modem and router or on our laptop.

The easiest way to find out is to access the network with another device to check if the device is experiencing the same or not.

You can use another laptop, PC or smartphone and then connect to the same network. If it turns out that the Internet is available, this means that the problem is not the modem or router, but the laptop used to access the network.

If we do these simple things, we can figure out what needs to be repaired. If the problem with the notebook you are using is usually due to a damaged or missing driver and an incorrect configuration.

To fix this, you can reinstall the driver, restore the connection, perform a DNS flush and use an automatic IP configuration (the method is explained below).

2. Reboot the computer to

As with other errors in Windows in general, rebooting is a step that should not be neglected. If you’re lucky, you can usually just try small mistakes again.

To solve the problem of no Internet access on your laptop, try restarting it first. As soon as the laptop is turned back on, you reconnect to the Internet that was previously unusable.

3. Reboot router and modem

Problems in the network cannot be separated from the modem and router. After the first step of rebooting the computer, but the connection is still problematic, the next step is to reboot the modem and router.

Why does a reboot solve the problem of no internet on my laptop? Because a reboot of the modem and the router means that we update the device.

Modems and routers generally look like minicomputers with a more limited processor and memory. Many tasks can cause errors if they are used and loaded continuously.

Modems and routers also act as devices that connect to the ISP’s network. If the connection to the Internet service provider fails, the modem is rebooted and the network can be reconnected normally.

4. Check that thenetwork of the ISP is not disturbed.

If your laptop has been able to establish a WiFi connection but cannot use the Internet, check the status of your service provider.

If your Internet service provider’s network is disrupted, the Internet on your laptop is not a normal thing. This means that the laptop has been successfully connected to the router, but due to interference the router does not get internet access from the ISP.

You can check if your ISP’s network is not working properly by visiting your ISP’s social networking sites. In case of an infringement, a note will usually be included. You can also contact the call centre for more information.

5. WiFi network forgotten, then reconnect

If your laptop is connected to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network and has problems with no Internet access or Internet security, the next step is to forget about the network and reconnect.

Forget the network – remove all existing configurations and the laptop connection will return to its original settings when you reconnect.

Windows 10 users can do this by following these steps.

Click on the WiFi icon in the taskbar

Press once on the WiFi network currently connected.

Right-click again on the connected network

Click on the ‘Forget’ button.

Wait, then reconnect to the WiFi network.

The second option can also be accessed from the Settings menu > select Network and Internet > select WiFi > tap Manage known networks > select the WiFi network you want to use > tap Forgot.

6. Try another LAN cable

In addition to the use of WiFi, you can also connect to the Internet via a LAN cable. For those of you who use a LAN cable, you can try replacing the cable you are using.

Internet access problems that occur when a laptop is connected to the Internet can also be caused by a damaged LAN cable, so the connection will also be problematic.

If you work in the same room as another colleague using the same network, but only your laptop does not have access to the Internet, the problem is probably due to the cable you are using or the wrong configuration of your laptop.

7. Clear DNS and Reset CMD.

The next step is to clear the DNS and reset the network.

In Windows 10 we can use the command line (cmd) to solve the problem of not having access to the Internet. Follow these steps.

First open a command line with administrator rights. To do this, click Start > type cmd > the command program appears > click Run as Administrator.

When the command window opens, use the following command to perform a network reset

WinsockInt. Network Reset WinsockInt. IP network reset

Then update the IP address with the following command:

ipconfig / Version
ipconfig / Update

Finally, execute the following command on the DNS flash :


When you have completed all of the above commands, close the cmd program and restart your laptop.

At this point, the Internet connection should return to normal.

8. Use IP address and automatic DNS

The use of static IP and DNS, which are sometimes set manually, can also be one of the reasons why the Internet is connected to a laptop, but the information does not appear.

To fix this, we need to reset the settings to automatic mode.

Follow these steps.

Go to Control Panel > select Network and Sharing Center first.

Click on the currently connected WiFi or Ethernet (LAN) connection in the right hand box.

Then click Properties > select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) > click Properties.

Select the Auto-retrieve IP address and Auto-retrieve DNS server address checkbox.

Click OK> close all installation windows> restart the computer.

If you make the settings described above, your laptop connects to the Internet via IP and DNS, which are obtained automatically (dynamically), reducing the chance of Internet access problems.

9. WiFi and LAN Driver Check

A driver is a program that acts as a hardware driver on your computer. The WiFi and LAN drivers are responsible for operating the wireless and Ethernet card in your laptop.

If the driver has problems, the device also has problems, which can lead to interference with the internet connection of our laptop. This can even prevent a laptop from connecting to WiFi.

Try checking the status of your laptop’s WiFi and LAN drivers, make sure everything is working properly or that there is a problem.

Open the Device Manager by pressing the Windows + X key on your keyboard> and select Device Manager.

Click on the network adapter driver > click on the arrow next to it to expand it > the list of network drivers appears.

Make sure all drivers are in good condition. The problematic driver will have a yellow exclamation mark. This means that the driver is not functioning properly and needs to be repaired.

10. Resetting the start-up network

Windows 10 has a network reset function that we can use. If the current lack of Internet access is still a problem, this should be tried.

First, tap the Start menu > tap Settings > select the Network and Internet menu.

Go to the Status tab > click Reset Network in the right box > click Reset Now.

Wait until the process is complete.

After a reset, all adapters and network configurations are reset to their original configuration. You may need to reconnect to the network and make the necessary configurations.

11. Starting network troubleshooting

The Troubleshooter is a feature we can rely on if we have problems with unknown causes and how to solve them, including problems with the internet connection.

You can try a network diagnostics program to solve an Internet problem that doesn’t work on your laptop.

First, click Start > select Settings > select Network and Internet.

Then go to the Status > Search tab and click on the Troubleshooting menu.

Follow the instructions to fill in the form.

The tractor driver will tell you the cause of the problem and give you recommendations on how to solve it.

12. Router and Modem Reset

If we tried to reboot the router and the modem first, we will reboot this time. Restarting and resetting are two different processes. Performing a reset means that we restore the router and modem to their factory settings.

In this way, all configuration errors can be corrected. To reboot your router and modem, read the manual according to the brand of the device you are using. You can open a manual or visit the official website.

This method applies to users of GSM modems using Telkomsel, 3, XL, Axis, Indosat, but also to subscriber firewalls such as Indihome, Biznet, First Media and MNC Play.

13. Resetting the PC

If you have been here, but the Internet access problem is still not solved, just restart your computer. This is the best solution without reinstallation, because a reinstallation is certainly more problematic because you need to back up the data on disk C.

You can select this option so that you do not lose your personal data later when resetting. However, all applications that are not integrated in Windows must be reinstalled one after the other.

Details :


These are some of the ways to solve the problem of lack of Internet access and the insecurity of Windows 10 Internet, and we hope it will help. If you have any questions, you can comment on the section provided by us.

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