Best Stud Finder apps for Android and IOS (2020)

Sometimes you lose your precious ring or earring in the garden, or you hold the ring/key on the sofa and the ring falls under the sofa or on the sofa if your hand accidentally touches it. You can also renovate an old house you bought by building new columns and removing the old ones. Maybe the owner of the house didn’t need to know the floor plan of the apartment, or he forgot where the columns of the house were. It is difficult to find a student in an old apartment or an old house.

For finding metal indoors or metal objects such as rings, earrings, etc. inside walls or brick and mortar constructions, in the garden, etc. With the Android and IOS applications I offer you below, you can turn your phone into a search engine. Thanks to the applications, you can find metal objects inside things like walls, wood, etc.

Student search scanner

When the Stud Finder scanner application is started, the following four options are displayed on the screen:

Scanner: This option is used to request metal detection in a nearby area. As soon as the FSS finds the metal, the message Metal detected appears. The scanning interface also displays the magnetometer readings.

Sensor: By pressing this option, you can see the continuously changing values of the X, Y and Z axes and the status of the phone’s magnetic matrix.

Calendar : To see the image and the background activity of the request, click on the graphical tool. The application displays one of the following two messages:

  • Metal detected.
  • Nothing was found.

As soon as the app finds metal, it beeps your smartphone.

Find the bolts

SF is offered with three options – Studometer/Digital/Graph. This application shows the intensity of magnetic waves on a compass-like object. If you place your smartphone next to a supporting wall, the reading intensity increases. In the same way, the intensity decreases when you push the phone away.

Student detector

The Student Detector displays the following options on its main interface :

Find out who it is: With this option you can find the stand in the wall or under the surface.

Look for students: This option displays the calibration level of the magnetometer and the current measured value.

Studio within the time limit: SD shows the graph and the strength.

Studio for meters: This parameter not only displays the measured value, but also the name of the object recognized by the application. For example, while using this application, the message Computer/TV/Mobile Studected Detected was displayed. The phone was next to the laptop when I used the app.

Magnetic transmitter

MSF is developed for older versions of Android OS, but also runs on the new Android operating systems. MSF is supplied with the standard reference value. According to the developer, the reference value is accurate if you enable GPS and WiFi on your phone while using the application. The above applications calibrate the sensor/phone automatically. MSF allows users to manually calibrate the phone/sensor. It can make the phone vibrate or beep. It can also hold the phone screen as long as the request is in front of you.

Gold detector

The DG and the first two candidates on this list have similar characteristics. The only difference between Gold Detector and other applications is the user interface. GD is a user-friendly application for searching for standards because the message Move phone next to suspicious devices is displayed when you click on one of the options. The application continuously updates the measurements/graphs and displays a Metal detected message when it finds a metal object such as a gold ornament, nut, bolt, etc.

Searching for a student, how does it work?

The above applications use the phone’s magnetometric sensor to detect metal objects.

Are the above requests correct?

I’ve tested all the applications I’ve published above. After the launch of the application I placed my smartphone next to the steel column and the metal case bracket, the phone squeaked or vibrated. The magnetometer value also increased by 20/30 ┬ÁT.

If you have lost a metal object, you can use the above free applications to trace and locate the object.

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