How to handle a lost KeyStore password in Android? –

Development issue/problem: I forgot my password for the key shop and don’t know what to do (I can’t or don’t want to get out). I want to update my application because I just fixed a bug, but it is no longer possible. What happens if I use the same keystore but make a new key? … Read more

Fighting Smoke with Open Source

I am a development lawyer with Akamai and a great advocate of the Open Source initiative. That’s why today I’m going to tell you a story about how a normal person like you or me can influence things with a little bit of good will and a pinch of open source. In the early morning … Read more

Networking module and dev kit tap 2.5GbE and 802.11ax ready IPQ6000

The $79 DVK and Mango module of 8 devices runs OpenWrt Linux at 1.8 GHz, Quad-A53 Qualcomm IPQ6000 or IPQ6010 SoC at 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) The DVK has 2.5 GbE with PoE, SFP and 2x GbE. 8devices has placed preorders for the Mango surface computing module, which runs OpenWrt Linux on Qualcomm IPQ6000 or IPQ6010 … Read more

How to Fix High Memory Usage in Windows 10

When Task Manager is open in Windows, you may notice an inexplicable amount of memory being used. Memory build-up can slow down the response time of an application and cause the screens to freeze. Whether you’re playing a game with a lot of memory or leaving many browser windows open, you need as small a … Read more

Digital Risk Protection vs. Threat Intelligence

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) remains important and is receiving increasing attention from CISOs and security experts. The DRP, an operational security device previously classified as Threat Intelligence (TI), has been enhanced as a new security device through Gartner’s hype cycle research and other analytical studies that security teams rely on when investigating multiple external cyber … Read more

Yes, we can validate leaked emails

If an email has leaked out, we can find out if it’s real or not. This is the first question we need to ask about the leak from Hunter Biden’s emails today. He has the final answer. Today’s e-mails have cryptographic tags in the metadata. These signatures have been circulated over the last ten years … Read more

Resource Monitoring Tool for Linux

BpyTOP is another tool of Linux for resource monitoring, among many other tools such as top, Htop, Bashtop, etc. Bashtop users can expect similar functionality from bpytop, as bpytop is ported from bashtop and written entirely in Python. Bpytop is available for various Linux and MacOS distributions. Characteristics BpyTOP Fast and responsive user interface. Keyboard … Read more

How to Prevent Pwned and Reused Passwords in Your Active Directory

Many companies are currently considering how to increase security within their organisations as the pandemic and telework situation develops towards the end of the year. While companies continue to implement security measures to protect critical business data, there is one area of critical security that is often overlooked: Passwords. Weak passwords have long been a … Read more