15 Christmas Gift Ideas Raspberry Pi Fans Will Love –

If you are looking for gifts for your husband, wife or even children interested in Raspberry Pi, you have come to the right place.
Even if you are a fan of Pi yourself, you can ask for interesting ideas in this post.

But since you may be completely new to the world, let’s start with a brief reminder, just in case.
Raspberry Pi is a small computer, really cheap (look at the price here), but it allows us to build many projects, among others :

  • As a basic computer
  • Retro game console (for 90’s games) or media center
  • Creating electronic circuits or building robots
  • Hostserver for file sharing, website hosting or security
  • And so on and so on.

Because they can be used in so many ways, it would be good to know a little about what he or she is doing on your Raspberry Pi today, and the news, so that you can strive to find the perfect gift.

My name is Patrick, I’m a Raspberry Pi fan myself and I’m going to share some original ideas with you that I would like to receive as a Christmas present this year.

Game console case

Gamers are likely to appreciate the special case of their retro slot machine, especially if they get special attention by offering their favorite console from the 90s.

They look like old console systems that can be used and installed in Raspberry Pi. Ideal to take the gaming experience a step further.
Here are two examples:

But you can probably find or order more.

Smart Mirror Toolbox

Smart Mirror is a permanent project on Raspberry Pi. The idea is to mix the screen and the mirror in raspberry beer.
A short video makes it easier to explain:

So it is easy to know whether it will be something new or not
To help you, here are the necessary elements:

  • Raspberry Pi: Stay inside so you might need it, even if you already have it. Cheap is good.
  • Double-sided glass mirror
  • An old monitor of the same size or a mucus like this should fit on the previous glass mirror. He’ll hide behind the mirror.
  • Frame for housing everything inside (DIY).

It is an expensive enough gift, but it will satisfy the person themselves and impress their friends, so why not
If it is too expensive for you, just buy a glass mirror, a Raspberry Pi fan will get the message, and most of them already have all the other elements in the house.

Smart T-shirt

It’s a classic, but it would be nice to wink at your passion.
Depending on the person’s preferences, you can look for a fun, inspiring or simply raspberry ppi.

Such a simple search in Redbubble’s search engine gives you many suggestions.
I love this website, it is affordable and the products are generally of good quality.

Raspberry book Pi

I’m a buyer here, but a book offer is also a precious gift.
It can be a little more complicated if you have no idea of a person’s level or interests, but you can probably guess before Christmas.

My e-book is available here, it would be a great gift for beginners, especially if you are late in your search, as it is digital and can be downloaded within seconds of ordering.
But you can also find other good books about Amazon or something like that, I have a whole article with book ideas for Raspberry Pi if you are looking for other special topics.

Robot kit

How can you not like this gift if you’re a real Raspberry Pi fan?
This is an original set of Freenova’s robots:

Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s fun. A great project for any Raspberry Pi user, regardless of his level.
A beginner needs to learn a few things first, so it’s a good cause to keep in mind. And an advanced user will love it, even though he already has another set of robots.

You can find it at Amazon, the price is reasonable for an advanced kit.
Besides the fun movements you can also program it for facial recognition, ball tracking and many other interesting projects.

By the way, I have a whole guide with the best robot kits available on Raspberry Pi if you want to try other or cheaper ideas. But no one has more fun than this one.

Low-tech gift

Let’s look at another one, which is definitely not technological, but is also a great idea.
Why don’t you joke about your passion and imagine something that has nothing to do with technology?
So you can’t make the mistake of knowing a person a little, but you have no idea how good their Raspberry Pi is or how much equipment they already have.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

You can come up with different ideas according to his passions, but you understand me here.

A Raspberry Pi 400

Okay, it’s back to engineering, but since it’s pretty new, it might be a good idea.
The Pi 400 Raspberry is the latest model with an original design: It’s built into the keyboard, so you just connect it to your monitor or TV.
Wi-Fi is built-in and powered via USB, so you don’t need anything else (except a mouse, of course).

I think it might be the perfect gift for a child who needs a computer, or even for a fan who doesn’t have one yet. It was published in November 2020, so it hasn’t come out yet and few people have it.

I have more information about the Crimson Pi 400 in this post.
In this article I will not praise it, but as a gift (especially for children) it makes sense.
So far it might be a bit difficult to find them, even on the internet, but it should be possible. Go to the official website to find a reseller.

Subscription to protocol

Another gift idea on the official Raspberry Pi website, with a subscription to the
magazine The Crimson Pi Foundation has an official magazine: MagPi, available here.
This is a monthly magazine that will remind you of your gift to that person throughout the year. You can even order the last physical thing.

As far as I know this is the only magazine dedicated to Raspberry Pi, but there is much more general information about Linux (such as Linux Mag, Linux Format, …) or electronics (such as Make of HackSpace).

One-way HAT

Depending on your level, it may be more difficult to know if it suits you or not.
HAT is an additional card that connects you to Raspberry Pi to add new features (Hardware attached at the top).
It is easy to recognize because it has 64 color LEDs:.

It’s a Crimson Pi Sense hat. This is a must for any Raspberry Pi user, and it’s pretty cheap. You can find it at the best price on Amazon.

In addition to the LED part, many experiments and projects can be carried out with integrated sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, pressure, humidity.
If you want to know more about this idea, you can find more information here.

Inspiration cup

Just like the T-shirt, it’s a safe Christmas present again.
By making a cool link with their passion, you can offer them a cup without them knowing anything about Pi raspberry.

Crazy people like to show their interests in circles or joke about it.
Depending on who you want to give it to, RedBubble offers you a wide choice. The photo shows three models (classic, large or road clubs).
There are also many other websites offering similar products, such as Amazon, which offers many cup designs, but perhaps with fewer designs.

Philips coloured headlights

I really like this one, because it’s no problem if you offer it to someone interested in light, Raspberry Pi interface or even programming.
Philips Hue are smart lamps that can be controlled from any device, including your phone and of course Raspberry Pi.

I have a tutorial on Philips Hue if you want to know more.
I’ve had a few over the years, and I’ve tried out some great projects with them.
And even in my case, I have a lot of things for Raspberry Pi and also some Philips Hue fixtures, but I would like a gift like this to experiment more with events, they have many models available.

Even for children (or maybe teenagers) I think it’s a good idea.
They like to experiment with visual things. If they learn to encode by seeing the result in coloured light, they will (hopefully) stay motivated.

Sensor set

It’s ideal for someone who often sees how to build electronic circuits with different components, but you have no idea what he already has.
The idea is I have a set with so many sensors that no one has them all.

You can consult this link to Amazon for more details. But basically it includes everything you need to start almost any project.
A few examples: Temperature sensor, buzzer, remote control and many cables, buttons and tools to get you started.

I have a quick start guide for beginners on using GPIO contacts if you want to understand what I’m talking about.

Crimson Pi

Does he or she always use the television while you’re watching something? Just one monitor for the computer and the raspberry pi?
You can solve this problem by offering a screen specially designed for Raspberry Pi.

The one in the picture is from Sunfounder, the popular brand on Raspberry Pi, and you can find it on Amazon for about half the price of a classic monitor.
Being a touch screen, it is easy to use, even without a mouse, if the application is optimized for small screens.

By the way, here’s a picture of my office, I use it every day, and I have an overview here if you want to know more.

Other original hat (piano hat)

I have already presented the HAT concept (expansion linked to the Raspberry Pi tip) and the most popular (Sense Hat).
But this one is also very funny and less popular, so the person might not understand it!

I think a short video would better explain the idea of the gift:

Here’s the Pimoroni Piano HAT, available here at Amazon, and as you can see, adding the piano function to Raspberry Pi
Probably a good way to mix the two passions and get young people interested in learning how to program in advance (you can code it to produce the sound you want, so it should be really fun).

Google Mood Kit

The latter is a set of Google tools that can be a good gift because they are all in one.
The Google Voice kit is a set to make a smart speaker. You can try out speech recognition or applications such as Google Assistant, Alexa and others.Data: Image/svg+xml

At Amazon you can see what the finished kit looks like. Cool!
As you can see on the picture, everything is in the package, including the Raspberry Pi Zero and the instructions for use.

This is the basis of every Raspberry Pi fan, who opens a lot of new projects.
Your gift will be a success.


That’s it, I’m done with my list of Christmas gift ideas, if you have one that you can give to a raspberry pi-fan, or even if you’re someone who’s after this website and wants to add some in your letter to Santa Claus.

To make this post really useful and complete, can you answer these questions in the comments?

  • Do you have more original gift ideas for Raspberry Pi (beginner or already a fan)?
  • If you already got a raspberry present from P, what was best for you?

I will add the best in the future update.
Thank you very much.

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